Accreditation under the goods and services supply policies

Find out how to apply for accreditation under the goods and services supply policies.

Goods and services mandated organisations may be required to apply for and obtain accreditation under the goods and services supply policies. 

Accreditation is the process when an organisation is assessed for compliance with the goods and services supply policies. 

Obtaining VGPB Accreditation - Goods and services procurement guide 

Use the Obtaining VGPB accreditation – Goods and services procurement guide to develop an application for accreditation. 

This guide sets out: 

  • what’s expected as part of the accreditation process 
  • the information and format required for an application 
  • what’s required once an organisation is accredited 

Accreditation assessment tool

Use the Accreditation Assessment Tool – Goods and services to complete an accreditation assessment. The tool is related to the 5 supply policies. The tool helps an organisation assess its capacity and capability to follow the policy requirements. 

The tool has two parts: 

  • Part A - requires an organisation to confirm that it complies with or is developing the capability to follow the requirements 
  • Part B - shows the extent to which an organisation meets the requirements 

Part B is not submitted with the application for assessment. It’s intended as a guide to help develop the procurement strategy. 

The following information is be used to assess applications: 

  • the accreditation assessment tool 
  • procurement strategy 

Tools and support

For more information about applying for accreditation under the goods and services supply policies, please contact the Goods and services policy team.

Reviewed 18 November 2019

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