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Gender Equality Action Plan Guidance for Contract Management and Reporting - Suppliers

Find out what a successful Tenderer will need to report on throughout the contract management process.

Reporting documents

The Building Equality Policy requires suppliers to report on the below documents:

  • Organisation Wide Workplace Gender Audit.
  • Organisation Wide Gender Equality Action Plan.
  • Project Specific Gender Equality Action Plan.

Reporting timeframe

A successful Tenderer will be require to apply the following reporting timeframe:

Action Organisation wide Project specific
Workplace Gender Audit Update and re-submit every 12 months At practical completion
Progress report Every 12 months Every 6 months
Final report At practical completion At practical completion

Reporting templates

Organisation Wide Workplace Gender Audit

Organisation Wide Gender Equality Action Plan

Project Specific Gender Equality Action Plan

Consultation obligations

Suppliers must comply with their legal obligations under relevant industrial instruments to consult with employees and unions about major workplace changes that are likely to have a significant effect on their employment. Many enterprise agreements have consultation mechanisms with employees and unions, such as consultative committees.

Industrial instruments - The Fair Work Act 2009External Link provides for various types of industrial instruments that cover employees and contain minimum terms and conditions of employment. Industrial instruments include an award, an enterprise agreement, a public sector industrial agreement, a former industrial agreement, a contract determination or a contract agreement.

Employees (and their unions) will be better placed to respond quickly and positively to proposed workplace changes where they feel they are informed and have had an opportunity to contribute to how those changes will be implemented.

Consultation obligations also arise under occupational health and safety legislation.

Relevant Victorian and Commonwealth laws

When conducting a workplace audit or developing a Gender Equality Action Plan, consideration must be given to the legal obligations under relevant Commonwealth and State legislation and industrial instruments.

Help and Support

For more information on responding to the Building Equality Policy, contact the Industry Capability Network’s Victorian Social Procurement team.

Access the Building Equality Policy - Defined terms for more information.

Reviewed 12 May 2022

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