Social procurement - assurance function for buyers

Support for cohorts that have been largely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

In January 2021, the Government created a new Social Procurement Assurance Team to strengthen Victoria's Covid recovery. 

The team assists with social procurement for:

  • all procurement that is valued at $20 million or more
  • contracts that have been identified for review.

The starting focus will support employment and job readiness for:

Role assurance function

Agencies should contact the Assurance Team when planning procurement activity for:

  • support project teams during the planning phase
  • inputting and helping to develop social procurement plans
  • assisting with social procurement reporting
  • providing strategic social procurement advice
  • advice on how to promote opportunities for women and young people, such as:
    • gender equality 
    • opportunities for youth.

The function will report to the Assistant Treasurer on:

  • compliance
  • job readiness
  • employment opportunities, including for women and young people (at a contract level).

Help and support

Contact the Social Procurement Assurance Team.