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About this report in 2020-21

Provides an overview of what's included in the report.

The Victorian Government Purchasing Board sets the policies that govern procurement of non-construction goods and services across all Victorian Government departments and some public bodies.

Effective procurement saves time and money, reduces risk and supports a well-functioning government and a thriving Victorian community.

Our vision is to provide leadership in government procurement of goods and services to deliver value-for-money outcomes for Victoria.

This annual report summarises the work we’ve done to meet our legislative obligations and achieve our vision over the past financial year from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021.

This report is required under section 54M of the Financial Management Act 1994.External Link

Reporting on departments and specified entities

We report on the procurement activity, compliance and performance of the departments and specified entities mandated to comply with Victorian Government Purchasing Board policies under the Financial Management Act. Use of the term ‘organisation’ in this report refers to the following:

Reviewed 26 October 2021

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