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Priority 3: Improving visibility and support for good procurement

Understand how good procurement can play a role in achieving government objectives, enabling Agencies to maximise value for money and safeguard against risks.

Good procurement plays a key role in achieving government objectives, enabling organisations to maximise value for money and safeguard against risks. Procurement professionals can make an even greater contribution to achieving government objectives when they are engaged early and can help shape the strategy on what is procured and how.

In 2021–22, the Board embarked on a significant program of stakeholder engagement to lift the profile of government procurement. Board members held around 30 meetings with departmental audit committee chairs, deputy secretaries, internal procurement units, the Auditor-General, the Local Jobs First Commissioner and the CEO of the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Board members presented at the Buyer’s Community of Practice forum in October 2021 and March 2022 to promote the VGPB’s priorities and at the Victorian TAFE Procurement Network community of practice to discuss the benefits and implementation of the expansion program to agencies.

These engagements have enabled the VGPB to build relationships and a common understanding of key challenges facing government procurement. The VGPB also gathered valuable insights on how to strengthen procurement in Victoria and promote procurement best practice across government.

The Board continued to deepen its engagement with departmental CPOs. The Board would like to thank CPOs for sharing their experiences through the year. This has been instrumental in understanding the on-the-ground experience of procurement professionals in government and the key challenges and opportunities where the Board can have the biggest impact.

The VGPB's stakeholder engagement meetings keep me connected to the CPOs, internal procurement units and audit committees. The feedback we get from these stakeholders informs our work and helps keep our priorities fit for purpose.'

Samantha Winter, VGPB member
Image of Aboriginal art which includes orange and red swirls with a colourful X and handprints
Artwork credit: Aaron Duggan (Gunaikurnai/Wurundjeri) ‘Movements Between the Five Clans’ 2019, acrylic on canvas. This artwork was created through The Torch, a not for profit organisation that provides art, cultural and arts industry support to Indigenous offenders and ex-offenders in Victoria.

The Department of TransportExternal Link continues to create opportunities to do business with Aboriginal businesses.

In early 2022, the Department engaged a majority Indigenous-owned law firm to support contract disclosure activities. As a small business, the law firm has welcomed the opportunity to work with the Department and the work performed has been delivered to a high standard.

The company initially engaged with the Department through the Transport Portfolio Aboriginal Business Engagement Working Group, established in 2020. The Working Group invited Aboriginal businesses to present and discuss barriers they faced when tendering for government work.

The Working Group has been successful in building awareness across the Department of the challenges faced by Aboriginal businesses and identified improvements to make procurement opportunities more accessible for these businesses.

“The Department is pleased that it had the opportunity to work with the Aboriginal legal firm. Through the recent appointment of a Director of Aboriginal Self Determination and Reform, the Department is well placed to identify further opportunities to work with Aboriginal businesses.”

Justin Roche, Director Procurement Governance, Policy and Systems

Reviewed 26 September 2022

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