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Knoxbrooke’s Yarra View Nursery

Opening music. 

Text:  Social procurement inn action. 

Scott Buckland, General Manager Knoxbrooke Enterprises (standing in front of plant nursery beds): “Knoxbrooke Enterprises is a social enterprise with four divisions”. (Image changes to show entrance to yarra View Nursery). “The main one being Yarra View Nursery”. (Image changes to show plant seedlinds in planeter pots). “So Yarra View nursery employs about 100 people. 80 of these are people living with a disability. It is a full functioning wholesale nursery” (image changes to show Scott Buckland and employee Jonathan Barkley walking next to a hot house. Image changes to show employees handling plants, employees potting plants and carrying seedling trays). 

Voice of Gavin Catto, Senior Project Manager- Bayswater Level Crossing Removal Project: (Image of employee carrying plant pot. Image of flowers. Image of plant stake with the words level crossing written on it). “We engaged Yarra View Nursery to supply about 60,000 plans for our project”. 

Gavin Catto, Senior Project Manager - Bayswater Level Crossing Removal Project: “They offer a great product that we are going to use for the station forecourt” (image shows aerial view railway construction project) “and use it along the railway corridor, and it’s going to look fantastic for the finished product”. 

Voice of Scott Buckland (image shows employees handling plants): “It is really important for social enterprises to have involvement with organisations like the Level Crossing Removal Authority” (image shows aerial view of construction site for level crossing grade separation) “because it allows them to work, allows them to earn income, allows them to be engaged in the community (image shows employees handling plants). 

Scott Buckland (standing in front of plant nursery beds): “So most of our employees it is not just about a job.  It’s about real-life opportunities”. 

Jonathan Barkley, Employee Yarra View Nursery (stands in a hot house among seedling plants): “I am really glad that I came here. It’s worked out. It was probably the best decisions that I ever made in my life.  You know”. Nods. 

Text: Social procurement. Delivering for our community. 

Logo: Victoria State Government. 

Voice: “Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 treasury Place Melbourne.” 

Reviewed 31 December 2019