Access the Digital Marketplace

Government users can register for access to the Digital Marketplace.

Digital Marketplace improves the way buyers engage with suppliers to access information and procure IT infrastructure and services.

State purchase contracts will be gradually enabled through the Digital Marketplace.

The marketplace is for government users only.

Register for the Digital Marketplace

Step 1: register as a buyer

Create an account and complete the buyer profile information in Digital Marketplace.


Step 2: request access

Buyers need to request access to each state purchase contract separately.

Buyers will receive an email notification once final approval has been granted.

The Lead Department reserves the right to provide and rescind approval for any individual requesting access to Digital Marketplace, at its absolute discretion.

Confidential information

To access confidential contract information on Digital Marketplace, the Lead Department requires written approval from the Agency’s Authorised Officer.

An Authorised Officer can be a:

  • Chief Procurement Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Executive Officer

Confirm with the Authorised Officer that your name has been provided to the Lead Department.

If not, the Authorised Officer will need to email with the following:

  • Full name and title of the Authorised Officer.
  • Name of the relevant entity.
  • Full name of the buyer requesting access to the Digital Marketplace.
  • Job title and team / business unit of the relevant buyer.

Buyers will receive an email notification once approval has been granted.

Tools and support

For more information about using the Digital Marketplace, contact the Digital Marketplace team.