Digital Marketplace

A place where government can buy goods and services from businesses.

Digital Marketplace is improving the way government buys goods and services. The new platform streamlines and digitises the procurement process for everyone. 

Digital Marketplace is an online platform used by government buyers to: 

  • access supplier information 
  • connect with suppliers
  • buy goods and services

Log in to Digital Marketplace

Buyers can log in by clicking the button below. 

Log in

To register for an account with Digital Marketplace, follow the registration instructions below.

Register for the Digital Marketplace

Simple steps for government buyers to register for an account on Digital Marketplace.

State purchase contracts and registers on Digital Marketplace 

Buyers use Digital Marketplace to buy goods and services from businesses using agreements. The government refers to these agreements as state purchase contracts and registers. Businesses who are listed on a state purchase contract or register are then visible to government buyers on Digital Marketplace. Some state purchase contracts and registers are already available on Digital Marketplace. More state purchase contracts and registers will be available over time.

Businesses on Digital Marketplace 

Currently, only IT businesses are available on the Digital Marketplace. However, over time as the platform is rolled out, more businesses from other industries will be available. 

How businesses can get work through Digital Marketplace  

Where a state purchase contract or register has been migrated to Digital Marketplace, the associated IT businesses must first register for an account on Supplier Hub. For new suppliers on the eServices Register, they must also register for an account on Supplier Hub, then apply to be on the eServices register.

Business information from Supplier Hub profiles is fed through to Digital Marketplace for government buyers to access. 

Buyers will reach out to suppliers through the Digital Marketplace using a Request for Quote. Suppliers can then respond to the Request for Quote through Digital Marketplace.

Suppliers do not have to register for an account with Digital Marketplace. Suppliers automatically have access to the marketplace, from their Supplier Hub profile, when responding to a Request for Quote from a government buyer.

Digital Marketplace improves the way government procures IT goods and services. 

Watch the video below to find out more about the Digital Marketplace.