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State purchase contracts used to buy goods and services organised by category.

The Victorian Government uses centralised government contracts to buy common goods and services. These are called State Purchase Contracts (SPCs).

These whole-of-government contracts aim to:

  • achieve value for money through using the collective purchasing power of government
  • standardise how government buys from suppliers

Contracts can be with a sole supplier, or a panel of multiple suppliers you can choose from.

A closed contract means no new suppliers can apply to become a supplier for the contract.

An open contract means new suppliers can apply to become part of the panel when it’s advertised.

Who must use the contracts

If your organisation must follow VGPB policies you must use these contracts to buy goods and services.

Who can use the contracts

In most cases, you may be able to use these contracts if you’re:

To find out if you can use a contract, contact the category manager for the contract you want to use.

  • Government owned entity means:

    • a 'statutory corporation', as defined in the State Owned Enterprises Act 1992 (Vic), operating wholly or principally in the State of Victoria
    • a 'State owned company', 'State business corporation' or 'State body' as those terms are defined in the State Owned Enterprises Act 1992 (Vic)
    • a corporation limited by shares of which more than half are owned beneficially by the State, a statutory corporation or a State owned company or a State body
    • a company limited by guarantee, operating wholly or principally in the State of Victoria, the majority of directors of which are appointed by or on behalf of:
      • the State
      • a statutory corporation, referred to in paragraph (a)
      • a State owned company, 'State business corporation' or a State body, referred to in paragraph (b).

    Government supported organisation means:

    An organisation that is a charitable or not-for-profit organisation and receives funding from a Budget Sector Agency. The Telecommunications Services Contract TPAMS2025 requires at least 25 per cent of the charitable or not-for-profit organsation's funding to be from a Budget Sector Agency.

Government buyers

If you are a government buyer, you can register to get online access to confidential information, including pricing.

Reviewed 30 March 2021

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