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Construction policy

Phone (general enquiries): 03 9651 5300


To be included in a mailing list to receive updates about public construction. Please let us know your name, your position title, your organisation and whether you are a procurement practitioner or legal advisor.

All enquiries related to the oversight of the building control system should be referred directly to the Construction and Advisory Panel.

Victorian Government Purchasing Board

The Victorian Government Purchasing Board is the governing body responsible for developing, implementing and reviewing policies and practices in relation to procurement of goods and services by the Victorian Government.

The Victorian Government Purchasing Board does not procure goods and services on behalf of the government nor does it market to government on behalf of suppliers.

Victorian Government Purchasing Board enquiries should be confined to the application of its policies for the procurement and supply of goods and services by government.

VGPB Secretariat

Level 6, 1 Macarthur St
Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone: 03 9651 1699


Goods and services

General telephone enquiries: 03 9651 1699


To find government tenders

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To read about state purchase contacts

Visit the state purchase contract page

For information about government procurement

Visit the Supplying to government page or Business Victoria

Reviewed 04 July 2019

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