Building a career in the construction industry

Opening music. 

Text:  Social procurement in action. 

Aydarus Mohamed (standing in front of building construction site, wearing an orange high visibility safety vest and hard hat): “I moved to Australia in 2012 from Somalia. It was hard to get a job. I applied to a lot of jobs but I couldn’t find”. (Image changes to see Aydarus Mohamed opening site access gate). 

David Millmow, Site manager SJ Higgins (standing in front of building site, wearing an orange high visibility safety vest and hard hat): “We are currently building 64 apartments”.  (image shows construction workers walking on site). “The Department of Health and Human Services, the Brotherhood of St, Laurence and the Huddle and Development Victoria put this whole thing together”. (Image shows David Millmow speaking with Aydarus Mohamed, while looking at a clip board). “We interviewed some candidates on site and Aydarus was one of the successful candidates”. 

Aydarus Mohamed (standing in front of building construction site): “Something that I wasn’t expect”. (Image shows Aydarus Mohamed loading timber onto access lift and then using the remote control to raise the lift). “Every day is different. I am getting new skills”. 

David Millmow (standing in front of building site): “His work is good. He is always on time”. (Image changes to show Aydarus Mohamed setting up a road speed safety sign). “Always well presented”. (Image returned to David Millmow standing in front of building site). “Keen to learn. And looking forward to having a long career in the construction industry”. 

Aydarus Mohamed: “I hope to develop” (image changes to show David Millmow and Aydarus Mohamed walking between two site sheds talking) “step by step, supervisor, then site manager. Yeh. A new change”. Laughs and smiles. 

Text: Social procurement. Delivering for our community. 

Logo: Victoria State Government. 

Voice: “Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 treasury Place Melbourne.”