Access Digital Marketplace

[Upbeat music plays] 

[The Victorian logo appears, surrounded by icons showing different examples of business, such as a person wearing a hardhat and a person with a shopping cart] 

The Victorian Government is streamlining the way businesses supply goods and services to government.  

[An image of a computer monitor appears with two icons] 

[On-screen text: Digital Marketplace, for buyers and suppliers] 

Introducing Digital Marketplace – a central, easy-to-access online environment for Victorian Government buyers and suppliers to connect. 

[A mouse pointer hovers over the ‘for buyers’ icon, then clicks on the ‘for suppliers’ icon] 

[The image on the computer monitor changes to include an animation of 8 circles coming together into one] 

It simplifies how the Victorian Government buyers products and services through Victoria’s State Purchasing Contracts and Registers, and improves the way businesses engage with the government.  

[An icon of a handshake appears in the middle of the circle] 

[The screen zooms out to reveal graphics of people standing around the monitor. One person is pushing a cart with boxes on it, one is pointing at the computer monitor, and another is standing and thinking] 

[The screen changes to reveal a summary of the text being spoken. Animated icons of a person with a box, three documents coming together into one, a magnifying glass and a smartphone appear one-by-one] 

Digital Marketplace digitises the procurement process, making it quicker, and easier, by enabling businesses to provide the right information, all in one place, through requests for supplier information and quotes; simplified contractual agreements; advanced search features; and centralised contact information. 

[The Victorian logo appears on a white background with a link underneath it] 

To learn more, go to 

[A mouse pointer appears on the screen and clicks on ‘’]