Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework

The Social Procurement Framework establishes requirements that apply to Victorian Government departments and agencies when they procure goods, services and construction.

The Victorian Government is committed to social procurement. The Social Procurement Framework enables departments and agencies to deliver greater benefits from their procurement spend. The policy harnesses the Government’s buying power to increase the value of goods, services and construction by delivering social and sustainable outcomes that benefit all Victorians.  

Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework – building a fair, inclusive and sustainable Victoria through procurement. 

Access the Social Procurement Framework: 

Social Procurement Framework Case Studies and Highlights report 

This report showcases some of the benefits of social procurement using case study examples. 

Tools and support 

This content on this page is taken from Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework. Access a PDF version of the in the social procurement document library

For more information about social procurement, please contact the Social Procurement team

Reviewed 29 October 2019

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