Aligning with the goods and services supply policies

Find out how to align with the goods and services supply policies.

Goods and services mandated organisations may be required to apply for and obtain accreditation under the goods and services supply policies. 

All other government organisations and local government are not mandated to comply with the goods and services supply policies. However, they are encouraged to apply best practice procurement policies and processes. 

Other government organisations and local government can choose to align their policy for goods and services procurement with these supply policies. 

Aligning with the VGPB procurement framework - Goods and services procurement guide

Use the Aligning with the VGPB procurement framework - goods and services procurement guide to develop a procurement strategy based on the organisation’s procurement profile. 

This guide will help an organisation set up a procurement approach in line with the goods and services supply policies. The guide covers creating: 

  • a governance framework 
  • a procurement strategy 
  • a complaints management system 

Self assessment alignment tool

Use the self assessment alignment tool to assess how an organisation’s goods and services policy aligns with the goods and services supply policies. This tool will help plan a strategy that includes: 

  • analysing the organisation’s procurement profile 
  • establishing a governance framework 
  • developing a procurement strategy 
  • measuring the benefits and implement continuous improvement strategies 

Tools and support

For more information about aligning with the goods and services supply policies, please contact the Goods and services policy team.

Reviewed 25 November 2019

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