Market approach – goods and services policy and guides

The market approach policy covers the requirements for market approach, critical incidents and evaluation, negotiation and selection in goods and services procurement.

Market approach policy

Market approach involves informing the potential supply market about your requirements. Some common methods of market approach are quotations, open tendering, multi-stage tendering and limited tendering.  

The policy has 3 parts: market approach, managing critical incidents and evaluation, negotiation and selection. 

Market approach

Market approach, which can involve forming a relationship with the market to identify further benefits to all parties and drive innovation and continuous improvement. Suppliers must be treated fairly, giving them access to similar information and applying high standards of probity and confidentiality. 

Managing critical incidents

Critical incidents allow for an alternative procurement process to operate during an emergency, crisis or disaster, including any subsequent relief effort. 

Evaluation, negotiation and selection 

Evaluation, negotiation and selection are complementary processes and involve identifying the supplier(s) best able to satisfy an organisation’s procurement requirements. 

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Guides for market approach policy

Tools and support

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Reviewed 30 March 2021

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