Victorian Government Purchasing Board Annual Report 2022–23

Achieving excellence in government procurement.

Department of Government Services
19 Oct 2023

The Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) is an independent Board supported by the Department of Government Services that sets goods and services procurement policies. The report summarises the work carried out by the Board and includes information on procurement compliance and performance of departments and agencies.

Key milestones and achievements this year include:

  • deepening engagement across the broader group of Agencies now under the Board, including ongoing support to help agencies strengthen their alignment with VGPB policies and to transition to state purchase contracts
  • new guidance material to help buyers achieve better value for money and ensure compliance with transparency requirements
  • procurement data analytics helping to identify opportunities for new state purchase contracts and providing customised dashboards for state purchase contract category managers to drive data-based decision-making
  • introduction of a new strategic priority to lift procurement capability by providing on demand training resources to support buyers across departments and agencies

Glossary and acronyms

Key terms used in this report are explained on our page Glossary for goods and services.

Acronyms used in this report are explained on our page Acronyms for goods and services.

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