Partners in 2022-23

Social procurement is made possible through the support of a strong network for government buyers and suppliers.

Social procurement is made possible through the support of a strong network for government buyers and suppliers. In 2022–23, the central teams supporting the Framework had agreements with the following support partners:


 Kinaway logo of black text with Aboriginal artwork depicting a bird

Kinaway Chamber of Commerce provides business support and advice to Victorian Aboriginal businesspeople and helps improve the visibility and networks of Aboriginal businesses to strengthen relationships and create opportunities.

Kinaway publishes a list of certified Victorian Aboriginal businesses and provides departments and Victoria Police with support services to identify opportunities to increase engagement with Victorian Aboriginal businesses. Kinaway advises that the number of certified businesses listed on its directory increased from 440 to 511 businesses in 2022–23, an increase of 71 members.

Social Traders

Blue and White Social Traders Logo

Social Traders certifies, strengthens and connects social enterprises with business and government members. By activating the power of social enterprise procurement, Social Traders creates positive impact through jobs, community services and support for the most marginalised. All Victorian Government buyers have access to the Social Traders Portal which includes a list of social enterprises, and some departments and agencies support their internal social procurement capability through a membership with Social Traders.

Social Traders advises that there were 509 active certified social enterprises as of 30 June 2023, with almost half of these businesses headquartered in Victoria. The Social Traders Impact Report FY22 reports on achievements generated by spend with certified social enterprises.


Blue and Orange ICN Victoria Logo with White background

Industry Capability Network (ICN) is a network of independent experienced industry procurement and supply chain specialists introducing large and small businesses to projects across Australia and New Zealand. ICN is continuing to develop system capability to capture and report on the Framework commitments and achievements through the ICN Victorian Management Centre platform.