Sustainable Victorian regions in 2022-23

Supporting jobseekers living in regions with entrenched disadvantage, who are at risk of being left behind.

The Sustainable Victorian regions objective seeks to generate employment for those living in postcodes identified by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (in the Index of Relative Socio-economic Disadvantage) as experiencing the greatest relative socio-economic disadvantage.

Case Study: Social procurement supporting Victorians in regions with entrenched disadvantage

Purchasing from regional communities can help businesses develop and provide opportunities for employment. The Department of Jobs, Skills, Industries and Regions (DJSIR) did exactly this when they procured from Hower Trailers.

The order was for 3 custom trailers – 2-cattle yard trailers and one for secure firearm storage – totalling almost $140,000. Given many of the units, Hower Trailers normally produce retail for under $10,000, this was a sizable purchase for a small business.

The business and its 4 employees are based in Delacombe, identified as a region with entrenched disadvantage in Victoria17. This was a significant factor in Hower Trailers being chosen as a preferred supplier.

Alan reports that because of the quality of their work, Hower Trailers is developing a good reputation and will hopefully be successful in securing future larger projects. By driving business toward regions with entrenched disadvantage, the Victorian Government can help communities develop and become more prosperous.

Case Study: Creating work for people living in regions with entrenched disadvantage through school construction

The Victorian Schools Building Authority (VSBA) is helping support local communities through the construction of a new school in Officer. During the 2022–23 financial year, 82 people living in regions of entrenched disadvantage were employed by SJ Higgins, the contractor, engaged by VSBA to construct the Kurmile Primary School.

17: Identified as living in a postcode listed as decile 1 on the SEIFA Index of Relative Socio-economic Disadvantage.