Supplier terms and conditions

View supplier details in relation to supply of goods and services to VicFleet.

Delivery instructions

The supplier shall contact the Client Contact on the Purchase Order to arrange delivery and Client acceptance that shall be a minimum of five (5) business days prior to expected delivery date. At time of delivery the Client Acceptance form (attached to the order) must be available for signature by Client representative.

The supplier must provide the ORIGINAL Tax Invoice together with an attached completed and signed Client Acceptance form, and a copy of the registration documents, all to be sent to the Client Contact on this Purchase Order. Do not send these documents to VicFleet. Non-compliance with this instruction may mean a delay in invoice payment.

Any supplied vehicle or item must be free of any advertising material as part of registration plate holder or surround, internal or external Dealer/Supplier labels, tags, or coded form of advertising.

Tax invoice

The Supplier must provide a tax invoice with respect to the supply of the items at the time of delivery. The Tax invoice must provide the supplier's ABN stating the invoice is a tax invoice for the purposes of GST. The invoice must state the GST inclusive price of the taxable Supplier or the GST exclusive price and the amount of GST. Where the GST is a mixed sale, the invoice must identify each taxable item and show:

  • The GST exclusive amount of the item
  • The amount of the GST payable
  • The total amount payable

The tax invoice must be made out to:

The Department of Government Services - VicFleet Leasing Management  
ABN : 43 381 068 109 

C/- (Client Dept/Agency)

1 Treasury Place, East Melbourne 3002

Terms of payment

Payment will occur in accordance with manufacturers' contract or as per agreed quotation with VicFleet.

Supplier confirmation

Unless otherwise notified to VicFleet within one (1) business day of receipt of Purchase Order, the Supplier confirms and accepts all pricing, requirements, and conditions of the Purchase Order.

VicFleet may be contacted via email

Terms and conditions

  • The VicFleet Order number must appear on all invoices, delivery dockets and any correspondence relating to the Order.
  • Any variation to pricing, item or its description, or conditions stated on this Order must be notified to VicFleet and accepted before proceeding with the Order. Failure to instruct VicFleet of any changes may result in delay of payment.
  • Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all goods received are subject to check and inspection before acceptance, which will take place at the point of delivery as per this Order.
  • VicFleet reserves the right to cancel this Order in whole or in part if delivery is not made within the time specified or, if no time is specified, at any time prior to delivery, or if not delivered in accordance with the State Government of Victoria contract Terms and Conditions.
  • Payment will only be made 30 days after receipt of an original tax invoice matching the confirmed order, including the supply of a copy of the initial registration papers and the delivery confirmation from the client. The invoice must show details of all costs and charges.
  • Stamp duty calculation excludes any non-capital items including Maintenance, Roadside Assistance and Fuel.
  • Where the Order is for a vehicle, the dealer must supply the vehicle:
    • By 10.00am on the day of delivery
    • With a full take of fuel
    • Which does not exceed 180 days from the build date, and 90 days from the compliance date
    • With a Registration commencement date no more than 5 business days prior to the expected delivery date
    • With service manuals, warranty, and any pre-paid maintenance certification completed in the name of the client identified in the Vehicle Delivery Details
    • With Registration using the VicRoads Registration template
    • Warrants all additional accessories and options supplied and fitted are in accordance with the manufacturers' contract unless otherwise on the Order
    • Authorisation is hereby provided to the Dealer to register a supplied vehicle with either Private or Government registration on behalf of the State of Victoria, as stipulated on the Order