Zero emissions vehicle program

The Zero Emissions Vehicle program is a pilot project to transition 400 vehicles within the government fleet to zero emission vehicles.

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This has been made possible with $15 million in funding from the 2020-21 State Budget and is one of the many initiatives in Victoria’s Road Map to Zero Emissions.

Interest to participate in the ZEV program has been exceptionally high. However, zero emissions vehicles are still available to order outside of the ZEV program from the Approved Vehicle List. Information and assistance to install charging stations can be provided by contacting us.

An initial order has been placed for the delivery of the Kona Electric Elite with an extended driving range of 480km. With consumer sales of ZEVs increasing, we can expect to see more makes and models available in Australia, some of which will make their way to the VicFleet Approved Vehicle List.

All 400 ZEVs in the fleet will include a dedicated 7kW charging station that allows the car to be fully charged overnight. Victorian based industry expert JET Charge has been awarded the contract to supply and install a charging network across Government-owned and leased buildings, with the charging stations being manufactured here in Victoria.


Video 1: Charging a ZEV - what to do before your drive

Video 2: Charging a ZEV – what to do after your drive