Vehicle policy

Find out everything you need to know about motor vehicles when working for the Victorian Government.


VicFleet manages the Victorian Government’s standard motor vehicle policy.

This is outlined on the DTF website.

Use of private vehicles

There are strict rules about the use of private vehicles for government purposes. This includes approval for use of a private car during working hours.


Employees must detail and submit the date, time, kms and purpose of their travel to their department head.

Supervisors must not authorise the use of a private vehicle:

  • for more than 5,000 km of travel for government business in a financial year
  • where the car does not meet the safety and maintenance requirements.

Executive vehicle policy

Executives must contribute towards the cost of their vehicles, which is outlined by the Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC). Typical vehicle packages have the following features:

  • a selection from the approved vehicle list
  • cars are, maintained, insured and fuelled
  • fuel cards for each vehicle
  • accident management services and roadside assistance
  • payment of registration and re-registration of the vehicle
  • fringe benefits tax paid by the Government and disclosed on a group certificate
  • car parking is available, subject to departmental policy.

The Government doesn’t provide e-tags for toll roads. You can claim for business use, but it is the responsibility of the executive officer.

For more information on Executive vehicle policy, go to the VPSC website

Reviewed 19 September 2019

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