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This open panel contract offers multiple suppliers for buying cars and other vehicles.

Lead Organisation: Department of Government Services

Conditions of use: Mandatory

Contract reference number: SS-01-2018

Arrangement type: Open panel

Start date: 1 May 2018

Key benefits

Key benefits of this panel include:

  • a range of suppliers who meet contract terms and conditions
  • discounts
  • accessories, pre-payments and roadside help
  • price protection for 90 days
  • access to heavy vehicles (up to 8 tonnes)
  • no contract access fee
  • better measurement and monitoring processes.

What’s covered

This panel includes the following:

  • service delivery: vehicles used for emergency services and other frontline government services
  • public sector transport: vehicles for use in the public sector including inspectors and case workers
  • executive vehicles.

Motor vehicles included in this contract:


  • sedan/hatch/wagon (small)
  • sedan/hatch/wagon (medium)
  • sedan/hatch/wagon (large)
  • passenger vehicle (hybrid/electric)
  • sports utility vehicles (small)
  • sports utility vehicles (medium)
  • sports utility vehicles (large).

Light commercial

  • 4x4 wagon (small)
  • 4x4 wagon (medium)
  • 4x4 wagon (large)
  • people mover
  • 4x2 / 4x4 pick-up/cab chassis/utility
  • van
  • light bus.

Police vehicles

  • general duty patrol and high performance vehicles
  • general duty utility
  • sports utility vehicle (large)
  • motorcycles
  • covert motorcycles
  • off road motorcycles.

Heavy commercial

  • heavy commercial vehicles and trucks up to 8 tonnes

Optional services

  • pre-paid scheduled servicing for all vehicles (pricing schedules available for up to 60,000km)
  • roadside assistance for 3 years or for the full period the vehicle is owned if longer than 3 years (priced separately)
  • dealer delivery for all vehicles ordered
  • factory-approved cargo barrier for all station wagons and sports utility vehicles
  • factory warranty for at least 3 years or 100,000 km.

Supplier details

The contract offers access to an open panel, with suppliers:

  • BMW Australia
  • Audi
  • Fiat Chrysler Australia (includes Jeep)
  • Ford
  • General Motors Holden
  • Hyundai
  • Iveco Trucks
  • Kia Australia
  • LDV Automotive
  • MG Motors Australia
  • Mercedes Benz Passenger
  • Mercedes Benz Vans
  • Mitsubishi Australia
  • Nissan Australia
  • Peugeot
  • RAM Trucks Australia
  • Renault
  • Subaru
  • Toyota Australia
  • Volkswagen (includes Skoda)

How suppliers join this contract

Email an expression of interest to the Vehicles Category Manager and request a copy of the:

  • tender documents
  • contract.

How buyers join this contract

Buyers need to request access to the confidential information system to join this contract.

How buyers use this contract

Buy vehicles

Buyers must select motor vehicles based on operational and Standard Motor Vehicle PolicyExternal Link requirements, including:


Passenger and sports utility vehicles may be exempted if a suitable vehicle is not available on the Approved vehicle listExternal Link .

Possible reasons for an exemption are:

  • for specific operational purposes, including emergency service vehicles
  • vehicles intended to transport people with a disability.

Victoria Police has a standing operational needs exemption.

Contact VicFleet on 03 7005 9233 to discuss the exemption process.

Vehicle leases

VicFleet manages a whole of Victorian Government finance lease arrangement.

Visit VicFleet Vehicle lease and managementExternal Link for further details.

Contact VicFleet

Contact VicFleet for support with this contract: 03 7005 9233

Reviewed 03 April 2023

Buying for Victoria

Primary contact:

Motor Vehicles SPC Category Manager Department of Government Services

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