Debrief participants

Find out how to give participants feedback on their offer.

Why debrief participants?

Debriefing participants:

  • Fosters good relationships between participants and the Agency
  • Helps participants Understand reasons why their offer was successful or unsuccessful
  • Helps participants prepare better offers
  • Supports open, fair, and transparent procurement processes

How to debrief participants?

Step 1: Follow the supplier engagement plan

Follow the supplier engagement plan set out in the market approach documents. The documents should outline:

  • who will perform the debrief
  • how the debriefs will be undertaken
  • when the debriefs will take place

For more information see:

Debrief for tender participants (Construction Guidance 8.1)

Supplier feedback over the procurement process – goods and service guide

Step 2: Advise participants of the procurement outcome

Once the contract has been awarded to the successful participant, all other participants should be advised in writing of the outcome of the procurement process.

As part of this advice, participants should be offered a debrief, and be provided information on the Agency’s complaint management process.

Use local Agency templates where available.

Step 3: Provide a debrief

A debrief may take the following structure:

  • welcome and introductory points
  • tender governance process
  • overview of the evaluation process
  • general impressions of the offer
  • highlight strengths and weaknesses of supplier's submission against the selection criteria
  • supplier feedback on the procurement process
  • closing statements from supplier and the organisation

Step 4: Record details for the debrief

Make notes of the points raised at the debrief. File records of the debrief following local Agency process.


Manage probity and conflicts of interest

Manage probity – consider issues raised at Probity issues by stage and task.

Conflicts of interest can arise during this task. Identify, declare, and manage these. Follow Agency procedures for managing conflicts of interest.

Address Agency rules

Consult Agency procurement team for advice on meeting:

Follow Agency specific rules on when to seek an approval and who can give the approval.

Follow Agency specific rules for recording decisions and storing records.