Have the contract signed

Find out how to get the contract executed by both parties.

What is signing the contract

Having the contract signed involves arranging for all necessary signatories to sign the paperwork required to finalise the contract.

How to have the contract signed

Step 1: Complete drafting all contract details

Complete drafting of the contract, considering:

The information provided in the offer

  • Post tender negotiations, if any
  • Best and Final Offer, if any

Any other changes agreed with the selected participant

Ensure that the contract records the final offer accepted by the Agency.

Step 2: Create a letter of engagement

Prepare the letter of engagement. Local Agency templates maybe available.

Include details of the purchase order, follow local Agency process.

Step 3: Contract execution by the successful participant

Send the letter and two copies of the contract to the successful participant, inviting them to sign both copies.

Follow local Agency processes for electronic execution if the Agency uses this practice.

Step 4: Contract execution by the Agency delegate

When the signed contracts are received arrange for both copies to be signed by the nominated Agency delegate.

Follow local Agency processes for electronic execution if the Agency uses this practice.

Step 5: Finalise contract execution

Return one copy of the sign contract to the service provider, if using hard copies.

If using electronic execution, follow the relevant process.

Step 6: Update the contract register

Follow local Agency process to update details in the contract register.

Step 7: Contract disclosure

For Goods and services, if the contract is for $100,000 (GST inclusive) or more, disclose details of the contract.

For Construction contract disclosure criteria, see Disclosure of contracts and variations to contracts

Follow local Agency process to disclose contract details.


Manage probity and conflicts of interest

Manage probity – consider issues raised at Probity issues by stage and task.

Conflicts of interest can arise during this task. Identify, declare, and manage these. Follow Agency procedures for managing conflicts of interest.

Address Agency rules

Consult Agency procurement team for advice on meeting:

Follow Agency specific rules on when to seek an approval and who can give the approval.

Follow Agency specific rules for recording decisions and storing records.