Unsolicited proposals

Find out how to manage a market led proposal.

What is an unsolicited proposal?

An unsolicited proposal is when a potential service provider approaches an Agency with a proposal outside a formal market approach process.

Unsolicited proposals are also called market led proposals.

Unsolicited proposals can:

  • bring new and innovative ideas
  • deliver cost savings
  • deliver productivity improvements.

While the proposal benefits sound attractive, all proposals must be assessed for:

  • relevance to the Agency
  • compliance with policy
  • justification to support exclusive negotiation

How to manage unsolicited proposals

Step 1: Manage the unsolicited proposal

There are special rules to follow to manage an unsolicited proposal.

For construction procurement follow Market led proposal guideline

For goods and services procurement follow:


Manage probity and conflicts of interest

Manage probity – consider issues raised at Probity issues by stage and task.

Conflicts of interest can arise during this task. Identify, declare, and manage these. Follow Agency procedures for managing conflicts of interest.

Address Agency rules

Consult Agency procurement team for advice on meeting:

Follow Agency specific rules on when to seek an approval and who can give the approval.

Follow Agency specific rules for recording decisions and storing records.