Evaluate commitments under procurement-related policies

Find out how to evaluate supplier performance in response to procurement-related commitments an invitation to supply.

Evaluating commitments under procurement-related policies is needed to:

  • meet policy requirements
  • meet legal requirements
  • support the effectiveness of policy initiatives

Evaluating commitments under procurement-related policies is part of and in addition to Evaluate offers.

Review contract documents to identify the procurement-related policies in the approach to market document and evaluation plan.

Procurement-related policies may include:

  • Local Jobs First – local industry development
  • Local Jobs First – Major Projects Skills Guarantee
  • Social Procurement Framework, including Building Equality Policy
  • Fair Jobs Code
  • Other policies or commitments made in the approach to market documents

Step 2: Review the approach to market document and evaluation plan

Review approach to market documents and evaluation plan to identify evaluation criteria for each policy.

Different evaluation criteria may apply for each policy.

Step 3: Review policy guidance

Review policy guidance for each procurement-related policy to determine if:

  • nominated templates must be used
  • nominated evaluation methods must be used
  • assessment by third party entities is required

For example, under the Local Jobs First policy

  • local content commitments are evaluated by the Industry Capability Network (Victoria) on behalf of the Agency
  • this evaluation process is conducted online

Follow the evaluation method, using templates developed policy owners if available.

Mandatory and weighted requirements may include those for procurement-related policies.


Manage probity and conflicts of interest

Manage probity – consider issues raised at Probity issues by stage and task.

Conflicts of interest can arise during this task. Identify, declare and manage these.

Address Agency rules

Consult Agency procurement team for advice on meeting:

Follow Agency specific rules on when to seek an approval and who can give the approval.

Follow Agency specific rules for recording decisions and storing records.