Goods and services procurement legislation

A summary of the laws and policies that cover goods and services procurement in Victoria.

The Financial Management Act 1994 (Vic) is the law that governs goods and services procurement in Victoria. 

The law gives the Victorian Government Purchasing Board powers to direct how government organisations buy goods and services. 

The goods and services supply policies apply to certain government organisations. Find out more about who must follow the policies

The supply policies for goods and services procurement 

There are 5 supply policies, covering: 

  • governance 
  • complexity and capability assessment 
  • market analysis and review 
  • market approach 
  • contract management and disclosure 

There are tools and best practice guides to help organisations apply the policies. 

The principles that underpin goods and services supply policies are: 

  • value for money 
  • accountability 
  • probity 
  • scalability 

Tools and support

For more information about the rules for goods and services procurement, please contact the goods and services policy team