Goods and services invitation to supply templates

Introduction to the Invitation to Supply template used in request for tender, request for quote and multi-stage procurement processes

The Invitation to Supply template has been developed for use in request for quote, request for tender, or as part of a multi stage procurement process.

The Invitation to Supply template can be used to invite offers in:

  • single stage procurement process
  • multi stage procurement process

In the case of multi stage procurement, the Invitation to Supply would follow an Expression of Interest process.

The Invitation to Supply template comprises five parts:

  • Introduction - provides a framework for the invitation
  • Part A - The Invitation
    • Part A.1 - About this invitation details the procurement opportunity
    • Part A.2 - Specification describes the goods and/or services the Organisation is seeking from interested parties
  • Part B - Conditions of Participation sets out the rules applying to the Invitation process. It is divided into rules applicable to the Victorian Government and Organisation specific.
  • Part C - Proposed contract- space is provided to include the proposed contract.
  • Part D - the Offer- space is provided to include the Offer template

Using the Invitation to Supply template

The Invitation to Supply can be used as either a ‘Request for Quote’ or ‘Request for Tender.’ It removes the previous distinction between Requests for Quotes and Request for Tenders. It is a single document for buyers to use when engaging with the market.

The Invitation to Supply template may seem a little more involved than some Request for Quotes previously used. To assist buyers, these templates contain additional sections that can simply be removed and referenced instead. For example, section B.2 Victorian Government requirements could be presented as a hyperlink to the default position located on this website.

Part D the Offer has been left blank deliberately to ensure that buyers build an offer template specific to the requirements of the procurement. For further information about developing a template, refer to Develop an offer template - goods and services procurement guide.

The validity period of an offer been set for 120 days. The Victorian Government Solicitor's Office has stated that in their view a period of 120 days aligns more realistically with government processes. That being said it would be anticipated that most procurement of low to medium complexity would be finalised well within this time period.

The following guides support the Invitation to Supply template: 


For more information about Invitation to Supply template, please contact the goods and services team

Reviewed 30 December 2019

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