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Goods and services Expression of interest templates

Introduction to the Expression of Interest guidelines and template.

The Expression of interest template comprises four parts:

  • The Introduction - provides a framework for the Expression of interest
  • Part A - The Invitation
    • Part A.1 - About this invitation details the procurement opportunity
    • Part A.2 - Overview of the requirements describes the goods and/or services the Organisations is seeking from suppliers
  • Part B - Conditions of Participation - sets the rules applying to the Expression of interest process. It is divided into rules applicable to the Victorian Government and Organisation-specific.
  • Part C - Invitees response - provides space for the inclusion of an invitee response template

Part C Invitee response - has been deliberately left blank to ensure that buyers build an offer template specific to the requirements of the procurement. For further information about developing a template refer to Develop an Offer template – Goods and services procurement guide).

The Expression of interest templates are for the use in an Expression of interest process only with the potential to be part of a multi stage procurement process. There should be no intent to engage as a direct result of the Expression of interest process.

The expression of interest template is presented in two parts. Use both parts when you use this template.

The following guides support the expression of interest template:

The following templates support the expression of interest template:

Use the conflict of interest declaration to declare whether or not private interests influence procurement

Use the Deed of confidentiality when goods or services require confidentiality protection


For more information about the expression of interest template and how to use it, please contact the goods and services team.

Reviewed 05 July 2023

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