Goods and services: less than $693,000

Find out what policies may apply to your procurement activity.

How to use this guide

Your selections using the Goods and services procurement-related policies tool have brought you to the Goods and services: less than $693,000 guide. 

This guide lists policies that may apply to procurement activities for goods and services with a value less than $693,000. 

For more information about a procurement-related policy, contact the policy owner. 

What policies may apply to your procurement?

Procurement-related policies may apply in addition to the goods and services policies set by the Victorian Government Purchasing Board. The goods and services policies apply to mandated agencies. 

The following procurement-related policies may apply at some, or all, stages of the procurement process.

What additional policies may apply to your procurement? 

Additional procurement-related policies may apply based on the category of goods and services purchased. Select the below categories of goods and services to learn more.

Tools and support

This guide supports the goods and services procurement-related policies fact sheet.

Procurement-related policy requirements may be met through:

For more information, contact your internal procurement area, the relevant category manager, or Buying for Victoria.