Master Agency Media Services (MAMS) contract

This contract offers access to media strategy, planning, buying and reporting services.


This contract offers access to media strategy, planning, buying and reporting services.

Lead Organisation: Department of Government Services

Conditions of use: mandatory

Arrangement type: sole supplier

Start date: 30 May 2021

End date: 1 June 2024

Key benefits

Key benefits of this contract are:

  • full visibility of costs
  • a dedicated team of 71 staff to service whole of Victorian Government advertising requirements
  • value for money
  • offers services and support
  • covers a range of media channels such as television, digital, print, and radio
  • streamlined services covering media and dashboard reporting
  • advice and analysis for individual campaigns
  • communications training and seminars.

What’s covered

This contract covers:

Campaign services:

  • a campaign is designed to inform, educate or change behaviour of the general public
  • this needs strategic planning in media and creative services to achieve set objectives.

Functional advertising services:

  • functional advertising is simple and informative, and generally for immediate or short-term appearance.

Recruitment advertising services:

  • 'always on' recruitment advertising and with niche or specialised platforms and publications.

A full description of services is available in the contracts portal.

For more information, please contact:

What's not covered

This contract does not support standard online recruitment advertising such as vacant position advertising provided by LinkedIn and Indeed. Direct engagement with these providers is required.

To access online advertising through SEEK see, Recruitment advertising services contract.

For further information on recruitment advertising email the category manager.

Supplier details

Optimum Media Direction Pty Ltd

ABN: 29 075 944 777
Address: Level 5 650 Chapel Street South Yarra VIC 3141
Contact: Kenny Stewart (Group Managing Director)
Mobile: 0409 795 560

Key contact

Contact: Gemma Lasenby
Title: Head of Victorian Government
Telephone: 0405 408 976

How buyers join this contract

Buyers need to request access to the confidential information system to join this contract.

How buyers use this contract

Step 1: Classification of advertising types

Determine the type of advertising required and whether it is classified as 'campaign', 'functional' or 'recruitment' advertising.

Refer to the Department of Premier and Cabinet’s classification of advertising types on Communication Planning and Master Agency Media Services.

Step 2: Use the brief template

To access a campaign, functional or recruitment template, please contact:

Include this information in your order:

  • purchase order number (where available)
  • cost centre
  • MAMS number (where applicable).

Step 3: Receive your quote and schedule

After the supplier checks the brief, they will provide a media schedule and quote.

The quoting process needs more time for a complex brief. If a brief is complex, the supplier assesses the time they need on a case by case basis.

Step 4: Submit a purchase order

Submit the purchase order form once your quote is approved.

Make sure you give proper authorisation. The supplier will contact you for delivery and other details.

Step 5: Invoicing

Make sure that invoices are processed efficiently, and the supplier is paid within 30 days from the date of invoice.

The supplier will email the invoice directly to accounts payable of the relevant department or the nominated contact. Please give the supplier the correct email and other contact detail.

All invoices must be accompanied by 'proof or appearance' or similar.

Step 6: Customer feedback

Buyers are encouraged to provide feedback on the performance of the supplier at the end of each activity.

Send feedback on the supplier’s performance to the category manager to review against the contract key performance indicators.

Provide as much detail as possible, including buyer contact details, to ensure the best outcome. All feedback is anonymous when presented to the supplier.