Professional advisory services contract

This panel offers professional advisory services including commercial, finance, tax and probity advice.

Panel summary

This panel offers professional advisory services including commercial, financial, tax, and probity advice.

Lead agency: Department of Government Services

Conditions of use: Mandatory

Contract reference number: SS-04-2019

Arrangement type: Panel

Start date: 1 September 2020

End date: 31 August 2025

Key benefits

Key benefits of the panel include:

  • a consistent approach to professional advisory service engagements
  • pre-negotiated terms and conditions
  • simplified purchase order process to engage suppliers
  • access to qualified advice across a range of services
  • access to a mix of suppliers, including:
    • small to medium enterprises
    • large corporates.

What’s covered?

This panel covers these main areas of professional advisory services:

Commercial and Financial Advisory Services (CAFAS)

  • CAFAS CA-1: strategic policy review, reform, and project development (including service need analysis, service planning, feasibility studies and strategic assessments)
  • CAFAS CA-2: business case preparation and deployment
  • CAFAS CA-3: market engagement and implementation
  • CAFAS CA-4: commercial contract management
  • CAFAS CA-5: project, program, and business review, evaluation, and assurance (including business reorganisation reviews)
  • CAFAS CA-6: economic advisory services
  • CAFAS CA-7: auditing and investigation (non-mandatory)
  • CAFAS CA-8: general commercial advice including commercial negotiations

Tax Advisory Services (TAS)

  • TAS TA-1: GST and luxury car tax
  • TAS TA-2: employment taxes including fringe benefits tax (FBT) and pay as you go (PAYG)
  • TAS TA-3: state taxes including payroll tax, stamp duty, land tax and congestion levy
  • TAS TA-4: superannuation guarantee
  • TAS TA-5: national tax equivalents regime (NTER), income and corporate tax
  • TAS TA-6: excise including fuel tax credits scheme (FTCS) and customs duty
  • TAS TA-7: international taxes
  • TAS TA-8: other advice including petroleum resources rental tax and film concessions

Financial Assessment Services (FAS)

  • FAS FA-1: pre-qualification assessment
  • FAS FA-2: tender assessment
  • FAS FA-3: monitoring specific contracts in progress
  • FAS FA-4: ad hoc - specialised assessment

Probity Services

  • Probity PR-1: probity advisory services
  • Probity PR-2: probity auditing services

What's not covered

This contract does not cover advice for the following services:

Contract managers