Marketing services register

This open register lists pre-qualified suppliers who provide marketing services including advertising and communications.


This open register lists pre-qualified suppliers who provide marketing services including advertising and communications.

Lead agency: Department of Treasury and Finance

Conditions of use: Mandatory

Reference number: SS-09-2013

Arrangement type: Register

Start date: 16 December 2013

This register is open for new applications.


VendorPanel launched for Marketing services register 

A new platform that provides up to date technology to streamline and automate the procurement process. This new system replaces the MarketingOnline system.

Suppliers must apply to the Marketing services register. Supplier details held in MarketingOnline will not transfer to VendorPanel. 

Buyers will need to register with VendorPanel to access the Marketing services register. 

Buyer training information

Buyer training information on the use of VendorPanel is available in the Government Buyers’ Procurement Group on the Innovation Network.

The information covers how buyers can source quotes from suppliers within VendorPanel. It also answers questions relating to the functionality.

Key benefits

The key benefits of using this Marketing services register are:

  • standard terms and conditions
  • simplified engagement process

What's covered

The Marketing services register covers service categories.  A service category may be mandatory or optional.

  • Mandated agencies must procure the following service categories through the Marketing services register.

    Marketing - Strategic planning and development

    Develop integrated marketing strategies that support achievement of business or project goals.

    May include different target audiences, delivery channels and comprehensive research.

    Campaign planning

    Develop campaigns that support the achievement of:

    • marketing
    • communication
    • advertising or
    • public relations goals

    Campaigns must be consistent with:

    • Victorian Government communication policies and guidelines
    • overarching organisational communication strategies

    May include:

    • clarifying business goals
    • establishing a creative theme
    • identifying and researching target audiences
    • establishing and reporting on metrics to measure success of the campaign

    Creative concept and development

    Develop creative concepts that:

    • support campaigns or communication strategies
    • effectively engage the target audience in line with campaign goals

    Where necessary, review and/or undertake research relevant to the campaign.

    Brand development and evaluation

    Develop a brand strategy, consistent with Victorian Government policies and guidelines, that effectively supports:

    • organisational
    • service delivery or
    • project business goals

    The strategy should outline:

    • how to apply the brand in all aspects of business delivery
    • marketing and communication activities

    Evaluate the execution of the strategy against established objectives.

    Art direction

    Provide specialist direction to the artistic team for a marketing and communication campaign consistent with campaign objectives and any relevant branding strategies.

    Issues management

    Manage issues, potentially with limited advanced notice, to

    • support
    • advice
    • communications solutions

    May involve developing, implementing and evaluating comprehensive issues management strategies.

    Public relations

    Develop and manage public relations strategies that support integrated communication, marketing or campaign objectives.

    May involve proactive media promotions, consistent with communication goals, to generate public understanding, support and awareness for:

    • launches
    • events
    • other means of communication

    Stakeholder relations

    Manage stakeholder engagement activities that support the achievement of business or project goals.

    May include planning, implementing and evaluating stakeholder engagement activities including:

    • consultation
    • briefings
    • launches
    • other activities.

    May include:

    • capturing, analysing and reporting on stakeholder feedback
    • providing responses to stakeholders

    Market research

    Plan and implement market research activities related to:

    • campaign development and evaluation
    • target audience profiling
    • evaluation and other communication activities

    May include quantitative and qualitative methods of research and expertise in a range of research delivery methods including:

    • focus groups
    • surveys
    • telephone interviewing
    • online methods and the like

    Change communications

    Plan/implement/evaluate communication strategies that support an internal or external change management program.

    Digital marketing (including social media)

    Plan/implement/evaluate digital strategies to market government services or programs.

    To effectively reach audiences in a timely, relevant, personal and cost-effective manner. This includes expertise in the application of the following digital tools:

    • internet
    • smartphones
    • gaming
    • social media
    • other digital media

    May involve push and /or pull strategies as part of the digital marketing approach.

  • Where a service category is optional buyers may:

    • procure the service through the Marketing services register or
    • engage directly following agency procurement process


    Write copy for:

    • marketing and communication mediums that captures, for the target audience, the required:
      • message 
      • tone
    • suitable for the media format/s being employed
    • consistent with Victorian Government policies and style guides

    Writing and editing

    Writing and editing communications material including:

    • speeches
    • presentations
    • articles
    • web copy
    • brochures

    May involve sourcing and reviewing related material to inform the work.

    Video production

    Script, produce and edit video footage that supports the marketing, promotion and communication of government services or programs.

    May be used for:

    • television
    • corporate events
    • websites
    • other media

    Graphic design 

    Deliver creative visual design concepts and elements that support communication of:

    • ideas
    • messages
    • identity of government programs

    Includes the capacity to apply the design concepts to a range of visual media including:

    • publications
    • online or digital media
    • advertisements
    • posters
    • billboards
    • signs
    • other marketing collateral

    Media monitoring 

    Supply of broadcast media content and associated metadata for outlets available within Victoria for:

    • television
    • radio

    Supply of bespoke analysis reports on the media monitoring data including:

    • audience demographic
    • geographic targeting and reach
    • share of voice
    • others by request

    Supply of media monitoring of culturally and linguistically diverse content based in Australia for:

    • print
    • broadcast
    • online
    • social media outlets

What's not covered

The Marketing services register does not cover:

Reviewed 30 March 2021

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MSR SPC Category Manager Department of Treasury and Finance

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