Ethical supplier register

The ethical supplier register lists registered suppliers of locally manufactured corporate clothing, uniforms, workwear and personal protective equipment.

The registered suppliers have (or are in the process of having) their local manufacturing supply chain ethically: 

The accreditation assures buyers that registered suppliers comply with relevant labour laws relating to wages, awards and working conditions. 

The key objectives of the Ethical supplier register are: 

  • for departments and agencies to buy uniforms and personal protective equipment from a list of small to medium enterprises with Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation or independently verified ethical local manufacturing 
  • to support the Victorian Government’s commitment to creating and retaining local jobs in the local manufacture of uniforms and personal protective equipment 
  • to support ethical employment practices in the local manufacture of uniforms and personal protective equipment 

How do suppliers apply to the ethical supplier register ?

Suppliers can apply at any time for registration on the Ethical supplier register. Suppliers need to respond to the Invitation to Register.

To be eligible for registration, a supplier must:  

  • meet all mandatory requirements detailed in the Invitation to Register, and  
  • agree to the conditions of participation

Tools and support

For more information about the Uniforms and personal protective equipment and the Ethical supplier register, please contact the Uniforms and personal protective equipment Monitor

Reviewed 08 October 2019

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