Fuel and associated products contract

This contract provides for the purchase of a range of fuels from petrol stations via fuel cards.


Lead agency: Department of Government Services

Conditions of use: Mandatory

Contract reference number: 370

Arrangement type: Closed panel

Start date: Start 1 July 2021

End date: 30 June 2024

Key benefits

The key benefits of this contract are:

  • discounted pricing for a wide range of fuel products
  • state coverage, meaning users can buy fuel in a majority of required locations
  • comprehensive reporting
  • account management services.

What’s covered

Customers can use fuel cards in Victoria to buy:

  • standard and premium unleaded petrol 91, 95 and 98
  • ethanol-blended unleaded petrol E10
  • standard and premium diesel
  • LPG
  • AbBlue diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

Fuel cards can be used to buy:

  • car wash (discounted at Ampol only)
  • lubricant
  • auto care.

What's not covered

Bulk fuel is no longer a part of this contract.

Supplier details

Ampol Australia

Contact: Thomas Demos, Strategic Sales Manager, Commercial

Telephone: 02 9250 5000

Mobile: 0423 888 815

Email: tdemos@ampol.com.au

Website: ampol.com.au

Locations: Ampol has over 1,900 sites in Australia. View locations on the Ampol website.

BP Australia

Contact: Neelesh Patil, Fleet Sales Lead

Mobile: 0499 888 069

Email: neelesh.patil@bp.com

Website: bp.com

Locations: BP has over 1,400 locations around Australia. View locations on the BP website.

VIVA Energy Australia

Contact: Bryce Richardson, Key Account Manager, Cards and Transport

Telephone: 03 8823 4849

Mobile: 0428 048 450

Email: bryce.richardson@vivaenergy.com.au

Website: vivaenergy.com.au

Locations: VivaEnergy has around 1,300 sites in Australia. View locations on the VivaEnergy website.

How buyers join this contract

Buyers need to request access to the confidential information system to join this contract.

How buyers use this contract

Buyers using this contract must follow the rules of use:

Step 1: Find the card you need

Check the confidential contract information section for fuel supplier pricing.

Step 2: Seek approval

If you decide to join the contract, seek Agency approval.

Step 3: Contact the category manager

Email the category manager to request permission to speak to the supplier.

Step 4: Contact the supplier

Arrange fuel card with the supplier.