Stationery and workplace consumables contract

A whole of Victorian government contract with 1 supplier for buying stationery, hardware, furniture, kitchen appliances and other office equipment.


A whole of Victorian government contract with 1 supplier for buying stationery, hardware, furniture, kitchen appliances and other office equipment, including uniforms and non-perishable food items.

Lead agency: Department of Treasury and Finance

Conditions of use: Mandatory

Contract reference number: SS-06-2015

Arrangement type: Sole supplier

Start date: 11 October 2015

End date: 10 October 2020

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Key benefits

  • low prices
  • discounts and rebates
  • better contract conditions
  • opportunities to grow contract and include social procurement benefits

What’s covered?

This contract covers these main areas of stationery and workplace consumables services:

  • paper: photocopy, laser/desk and ink jet printers, computer and facsimile paper including both virgin paper and paper with recycled content
  • ICT consumables: printer cartridges, toner cartridges, media and data storage including CDR, DVR, USB flash drives, data cartridges and other computer accessories like wireless mice, keyboards and laptop bags
  • general stationery: writing tools, notebooks, notepads, hole punch, diaries, staplers, rulers, adhesives, packing tapes, stamps, calculators, correction products,  cue and index cards, folders and art supplies
  • filing: filing and storage equipment, labels and labelling, dividers, binding accessories, folders,  clips and PVC pockets
  • janitorial equipment: bathroom products, toiletries and cleaning products
  • kitchen: coffee, tea, sugar, long life or non-perishable food products, table and kitchenware, kitchen appliances
  • office furniture: general office furniture outside of full office fit outs
  • workplace safety: personal protective equipment, personal care and hygiene, first aid products
  • office machines: laminators, binding machines, shredders, whiteboards and dictation
  • uniforms: general apparel

Non-mandatory services

Some product groups in this contract are non-mandatory:

  • janitorial products
  • kitchen products
  • office furniture
  • workplace safety
  • office machines
  • uniforms


Some goods and services don’t fall into this contact because they’re covered by other contracts. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • print management services
  • marketing services
  • multifunctional devices and printers
  • any other contract that covers information and communications technology products

Supplier details

Complete Office Supplies

ABN: 92 001 634 715
Address: 9 Permas Way
Truganina, VIC 3029
Phone: 1300 495 856

Each department has a dedicated account director and manager at COS. Check the Stationery Supplier Contact Form to find your organisation’s contact.

Join this contract

To join this contract and access more information:

Step 1. Register for the contracts portal

Log in to the contracts portal to download confidential contract information and pricing.

Non-mandated entities who wish to access the contract must follow the instructions on how to join. On approval you must contact the supplier in order to be set up with a log in to the COSnet ordering platform.

Step 2. Get approval from the head department

Send an email to the Department of Treasury and Finance, and copy in

Include this text in the email:

‘Pursuant to clause 3.1(b) of the Stationery and Workplace Consumable SPC, [Entity Name] seek approval from the Lead Department to acquire Goods from the Supplier under the terms and conditions of the Agreement’.

When you are approved, contact the supplier to start the sign-up process.

Contact the contract category manager Bree Jones too.

Contact your category manager

Contact the contract category manager Bree Jones if you want to make an order through this contract.

Department contract managers

Department Department representative
Department of Jobs, Precincts and Region

Anu Yadav
03 8392 7221

Department of Education and Training Chak Synaphet
03 9097 7465
Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning Chris Kambouris
03 9194 1066
Department of Treasury and Finance

Virginia Painter
03 7005 9382
Department of Premier and Cabinet Virginia Painter
03 7005 9382
Department of Justice and Community Safety

Sheryl Paraiso
03 8684 1281

Department of Health and Human Services Cathy Zahra
03 9096 1435
Department of Transport

Helen Jolley
03 9854 2035

Office of the Chief Commissioner of Police (Victoria Police)

Sonia Brewty
03 9247 6915

Chris Comeros
03 9247 3938

CenITex Chris Bullen
03 8688 1344
Office of Public Prosecutions Desi Kossivis
03 9603 2525
Victorian Auditor-General’s Office Jan Carigg
03 8601 7101
Victorian Electoral Commission Kathy Georgiou
03 8620 1117

Philip Chow
03 9854 2035

Public Transport Victoria Kim Rayner
03 9027 4152
Courts Victoria Robert Tarantello
03 9032 0874

Reviewed 29 December 2019

Buying for Victoria

Primary contact:

Bree Jones (Category Manager) Department of Treasury and Finance

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