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Electricity contract - large sites

This contract provides electricity to sites using over 40MWh per year, including renewable energy.


This contract provides electricity to sites using over 40 MWh per year, including renewable energy certificates, along with supplying new sites.

Lead agency: Department of Treasury and Finance

Conditions of use: Mandatory

Contract reference number: SS-03-2018

Arrangement type: Sole supplier

Start date: 01 July 2019

End date: 30 June 2025

Key benefits

Key benefits include:

  • risk management for energy and environmental certificates
  • cost-efficient energy in a volatile wholesale market
  • the ability to add new sites.

What’s covered?

This contract covers these main areas of retail electricity supply services:

  • electricity for large sites using more than 160 MWh per year
  • accredited GreenPower at percentages of 5%, 10%, 20%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%
  • renewable energy certificates

Supplier details

This contract is a sole supplier arrangement with Red Energy.

Red Energy

Address: 570 Church Street, Cremorne, VIC 3121
Website: Link
Customer Support Phone: 1300 322 057
Customer Support Email:

Contact name: Paula Robinson
Role: Manager Operations
Phone: 0419 281 817

Contact name: Sal Tringali
Role: Head of Operations
Phone: 0417 381 426

How buyers join this contract

Buyers need to request access to the confidential information system to join this contract.

How buyers use this contract

Download the roll-in form guidelines for more information.

Step 1: Seek internal approval

Check to see if internal approval is required to use this contract.

Step 2: Complete the roll-in form

Complete the Large sites electricity roll-in form.

Step 3: Confirm eligibility

New Agencies

Submit the completed roll-in form to the category manager. The category manager will check to see if the Agency is eligible.

If approved, the category manager will send the approved roll in form to the supplier and notify the Agency.

Existing Agencies

Agencies that hold existing account with this contract and wish to roll in additional sites, do not need to check for eligibility approval.

Email a new roll in form with the additional sites directly to the supplier with a copy to the category manager.

Step 4: Supplier to contact approved Agency

The supplier will contact the buyer to seek additional information if required and confirm connection date.

Reviewed 11 October 2022

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