Print management and associated services contract

This contract offers access to print management services, digital publishing, mail house and warehousing solutions.


This contract offers access to print management services, digital publishing, mailing and distribution, warehousing, signage, branded merchandise and print consultancy services.

Lead agency: Department of Government Services

Conditions of use: Mandatory

Contract reference number: SS-02-2021

Arrangement type: Sole supplier

Start date: 1 October 2021

End date: 30 September 2024

Key benefits

The key benefits of this contract are:

  • access to services, supplier staff, systems and supply chain
  • expertise in the print management field
  • access to many suppliers
  • competitive fees
  • pricing model that reflects changing needs
  • streamlined online ordering system
  • detailed reporting.

What’s covered?

The Print management and associated services contract covers service categories.  A service category may be mandatory or optional.

Mandatory service categories

Print management services

Covers the purchase and management of printed products.  Examples of types of printed products:

Printed forms

  • letterhead
  • with compliments slips
  • envelopes
  • memo pads
  • business cards
  • appointment cards.

Repetitive print

  • annual reports
  • booklets
  • invitations
  • manuals
  • posters
  • wall charts
  • budget papers
  • newsletters
  • flip charts
  • desk calendars
  • certificates
  • braille versions of publications
  • grant guidelines
  • discussion papers
  • magazines
  • fact sheets
  • application forms.


The creation of any internal or external sign used to communicate customer information, wayfinding or conveying a message.

Branded Merchandise

Any merchandise that is required to be branded (i.e. logo, slogan, organisation’s name) for promotional purposes.

Mailing and Distribution services

The supplier can manage any mail house and distribution requirements for print products a purchaser may need.

Optional service categories

Digital publishing services

The supplier provides these services:

  • published digital documents
  • digital formats to meet purchaser needs
  • an approved list of specialised digital publishing suppliers.

Warehouse services

The supplier can provide a warehouse solution.

Print Consultancy Services

The supplier can provide consultancy services.

Commercial model

There are 2 types of management fees that apply to a purchase made under the agreement.

Management Fee A:

Includes an account manager as a part of the service delivery.

Management Fee B:

This option allows Agencies access to the supplier's system and approved supplier list.  It does not include an account manager.

The pricing is available in the Confidential information section.


Finsbury Green

Address: Level 9/124 Exhibition Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone: 03 9250 7600

Each Agency has been given an account manager.

Supplier contact details

How buyers join this contract

Buyers need to request access to the confidential information system to join this contract.

How buyers use this contract

Buyers must follow the following steps:

Step 1: Read the user guide

Refer to the user guide for detailed rules of use.  This guide can be found in the Confidential section.

Step 2: Discuss requirements

Contact the supplier account manager to discuss the requirements.

Step 3: Complete a brief form

Download and complete this form:

Print management and associated services brief form
Word 34.91 KB
(opens in a new window)

Provide relevant authorisation information including:

  • Purchase Order
  • Cost Centre
  • Job Number

Include delivery dates for the quote.

Step 4: Send brief form

Send the brief form to the supplier. 

The supplier will review and confirm the job brief. The supplier will request a minimum of 5 quotes to suit the brief.

Most quotes will be available within 2 days. Complex briefs may require more time.

The supplier will prepare and send the quotes to the buyer by email.

Out of hours requests will incur an additional fee.  Out of hours means:

  • before 9am
  • after 5pm
  • weekends

Avoid out of hours requests as:

  • it can limit the number of quotes received
  • it will impact the price received.

The more suppliers who can respond, the more competitive the process will be.

Step 5: Seek approval

Seek approval following local Agency processes.

This can be a scan of the signed PDF quote, with the cost centre code and/or purchase order code. The print job cannot start without this information.

The supplier is under instructions to not proceed with any work until an appropriate authorisation is provided. This includes the provision of proofs.

The supplier account manager will confirm delivery and any other relevant details.

Step 6: Supply artwork

Send artwork files in a print ready PDF format. Artwork up to 10MB can be emailed.

Artwork over 10MB and up to 2GB must be uploaded using the file transfer tool: Hightail or equivalent.

For secure content, the account manager can organise a secure method of file transfer.

Step 7. Approve the artwork

The supplier will send a PDF proof or a hi-resolution digital printed proof.

A mock-up of the job can also be provided if required.

Review the proof and/or mock-up carefully.

Provide approval by signing the proof and/or mock-up to confirm the job is ready for production.

Step 8: Print and delivery

Before the job is delivered, the supplier account manager will verify samples provided adequate lead times have been provided.

For urgent requests, the supplier will send samples at the same time as the job is delivered.

The finished product can be delivered across Victoria.

Step 9: Invoicing

Payment options include:

Credit/purchase card

This is suitable for low value orders.

Summary invoice

This can be provided for an agreed period of time (ie weekly, bi-monthly or monthly). A spreadsheet detailing individual orders will be provided.

Invoice at time of order

An invoice is emailed to the buyer and/or to accounts payable as agreed.

Government payment terms

Government payment terms are 10 working days from the date of invoice.

Late payments will incur interest charge.

Step 10: Customer Feedback

Feedback can be provided online