End user computing equipment panel contract

This contract offers 5 suppliers for buying Apple and Chrome devices, desktop computers, mobility devices, 2-in-1 devices and notebook computers.


This closed panel contract offers 5 suppliers for buying Apple and Chrome devices, desktop computers, mobility devices, 2-in-1 devices and notebook computers.

Lead agency: Department of Premier and Cabinet

Conditions of use: Mandatory

Contract reference number: DPC-SPC-01-2018

Arrangement type: Closed panel

Start date:  1 November 2018

End date: 31 October 2021

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Key benefits

Key benefits of this contract are:

  • benchmark pricing for desktops and notebooks
  • single written quote before buying
  • flexible contract arrangements
  • online supplier portals
  • provides leasing as an option with pre-negotiated leasing terms and agreements
  • provides Desktop-as-a-Service as an option
  • addresses the government's Social Procurement Framework by providing supplier key performance indicators against each framework objective

What’s covered

This contract covers the following computer goods and services.


  • Apple devices: iMac, Mac Pro, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and iPad devices (suppliers include Computers Now and ASI Solutions)
  • Chrome devices: Chromebox and Chromebook devices (suppliers include Acer and HP PPS Australia)
  • desktop computers: standard and high-end desktops - each comes with a mouse, screen and keyboard (suppliers include Acer, Dell and HP PPS Australia)
  • mobile location devices: including entry-level, standard or high-end devices - all products come with the accessory options listed in the hardware catalogue (suppliers include Acer,  Dell, HP PPS Australia, Computers Now (Samsung and Fujitsu))
  • notebook computers: entry-level, standard, high-end and ultra-mobile computers (suppliers include Acer, Dell and HP PPS Australia)
  • 2-in-1 computers: standard computers (suppliers include Acer, Dell, HP PPS Australia and ASI Solutions (Microsoft))


  • These are in the hardware catalogue under each sub-category. If required, buyers can request the category manager to include additional items.


  • basic installation: unpacking equipment, setting up equipment and start-up
  • extended installation: including installation of additional software or hardware, network connection, data transfer from existing desktop/notebook/two-in-one, updating buyer registers

Other services

  • imaging: software imaging services so a software profile can be installed on hardware prior to delivery
  • labelling: including the attachment of asset identification labels and recording into a database
  • disposal (standard service): removal of all desktops and notebook computers, including quality-assured data security requirements
  • take back and disposal service (product stewardship): used when computers need to be destroyed or recycled

Other optional extras included

  • additional accidental damage protection and theft insurance
  • out-of-hours extended warranty support
  • extended warranty service provision (resolution within 4 hours)
  • take back and disposal service
  • storage of hardware prior to installation

What's not covered

Android phones and iPhones are not included in the scope of the end user computing contract.

Supplier details

This is a closed panel contract with 5 suppliers.


Contact name: Stephanie Dimopoulos
Mobile: 0416 055 309

Contact name: Rod Bassi
Mobile: 0408 619 434


Contact name: Preyline Milne
Phone: 02 8972 5775

Contact name: Cameron Rose
Mobile: 0413 807 802

HP PPS Australia Pty Ltd

Contact name: Matthew O’Dwyer 
Mobile: 0409 913 104

Contact name: Vynie Wong
Phone: 1300 302 989

Computers Now

Contact name: Dean Simpson
Mobile: 0437 888 968

Contact name: Andrew Charles
Mobile: 0412 035 098

ASI Solutions

Contact name: Jason Eaton
Mobile: 0416 162 069

Contact name: Chris Thomas
Mobile: 0450 957 610

How buyers join this contract

Buyers can join this contract and access more information:

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How buyers use this contract

Step 1. Complete a purchase order

Make sure you confirm pricing with the supplier before filling out the form. The supplier will return a copy.

You can also complete an (optional) Customer Service Agreement with selected suppliers.

Step 2. Get internal approval

Contact your organisation’s representative before sending the order.

Step 3. Send the order to the supplier

The supplier will send a delivery receipt back.

Step 4. Have the delivery receipt signed

The delivery and sale are complete with your organisation’s representative signs the delivery receipt.

Reviewed 15 February 2021

Buying for Victoria

Primary contact:

Andrew Kenter (Contract Manager, Procurement Branch) Department of Premier and Cabinet

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