End user computing equipment panel contract

This contract offers 5 suppliers for buying Apple and Chrome devices, desktop computers, mobility devices, 2-in-1 devices and notebook computers.


This closed panel contract offers 5 suppliers for buying Apple and Chrome devices, desktop computers, mobility devices, 2-in-1 devices and notebook computers.

Lead agency: Department of Premier and Cabinet

Conditions of use: Mandatory

Contract reference number: DPC-SPC-01-2018

Arrangement type: Closed panel

Start date:  1 November 2018

End date: 31 October 2021

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Key benefits

Key benefits of this contract are:

  • benchmark pricing for desktops and notebooks
  • single written quote before buying
  • flexible contract arrangements
  • online supplier portals
  • provides leasing as an option with pre-negotiated leasing terms and agreements
  • provides Desktop-as-a-Service as an option
  • addresses the government's Social Procurement Framework by providing supplier key performance indicators against each framework objective

What’s covered

This contract covers the following computer goods and services.


  • Apple devices: iMac, Mac Pro, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and iPad devices (suppliers include Computers Now and ASI Solutions)
  • Chrome devices: Chromebox and Chromebook devices (suppliers include Acer and HP PPS Australia)
  • desktop computers: standard and high-end desktops - each comes with a mouse, screen and keyboard (suppliers include Acer, Dell and HP PPS Australia)
  • mobile location devices: including entry-level, standard or high-end devices - all products come with the accessory options listed in the hardware catalogue (suppliers include Acer,  Dell, HP PPS Australia, Computers Now (Samsung and Fujitsu))
  • notebook computers: entry-level, standard, high-end and ultra-mobile computers (suppliers include Acer, Dell and HP PPS Australia)
  • 2-in-1 computers: standard computers (suppliers include Acer, Dell, HP PPS Australia and ASI Solutions (Microsoft))


  • These are in the hardware catalogue under each sub-category. If required, buyers can request the category manager to include additional items.


  • basic installation: unpacking equipment, setting up equipment and start-up
  • extended installation: including installation of additional software or hardware, network connection, data transfer from existing desktop/notebook/two-in-one, updating buyer registers

Other services

  • imaging: software imaging services so a software profile can be installed on hardware prior to delivery
  • labelling: including the attachment of asset identification labels and recording into a database
  • disposal (standard service): removal of all desktops and notebook computers, including quality-assured data security requirements
  • take back and disposal service (product stewardship): used when computers need to be destroyed or recycled

Other optional extras included

  • additional accidental damage protection and theft insurance
  • out-of-hours extended warranty support
  • extended warranty service provision (resolution within 4 hours)
  • take back and disposal service
  • storage of hardware prior to installation

What's not covered

Android phones and iPhones are not included in the scope of the end user computing contract.

Supplier details

This is a closed panel contract with 5 suppliers.


Contact name: Stephanie Dimopoulos
Mobile: 0416 055 309

Contact name: Rod Bassi
Mobile: 0408 619 434


Contact name: Preyline Milne
Phone: 02 8972 5775

Contact name: Cameron Rose
Mobile: 0413 807 807

HP PPS Australia Pty Ltd

Contact name: Matthew O’Dwyer 
Mobile: 0409 913 104

Contact name: Vynie Wong
Phone: 1300 302 989

Computers Now

Contact name: Dean Simpson
Mobile: 0437 888 968

Contact name: Andrew Charles
Mobile: 0412 035 098

ASI Solutions

Contact name: Jason Eaton
Mobile: 0416 162 069

Contact name: Chris Thomas
Mobile: 0450 957 610

How buyers join this contract

Buyers can join this contract and access more information:

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How buyers use this contract

Step 1: Complete a purchase order

Make sure you confirm pricing with the supplier before filling out the form. The supplier will return a copy.

You can also complete an (optional) Customer Service Agreement with selected suppliers.

Step 2: Get internal approval

Contact your organisation’s representative before sending the order.

Step 3: Send the order to the supplier

The supplier will send a delivery receipt back.

Step 4: Have the delivery receipt signed

The delivery and sale are complete with your organisation’s representative signs the delivery receipt.

Reviewed 20 May 2021

Buying for Victoria

Primary contact:

Andrew Kenter (Contract Manager, Procurement Branch) Department of Premier and Cabinet

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