Career management services

This contract offers the Victorian Public Service employees career management services.


This contract offers a suite of career management services for Victorian Public Service employees at both general and executive levels to:

  • increase their skills development and career opportunities within their own department, agency and/or to new roles in their organisation of choice
  • build their capability and provide assistance to move to a new career plan and job search
  • plan for retirement.

Lead Agency: Victorian Public Sector Commission

Conditions of use: non-mandatory

Contract reference number: 22-21-056

Arrangement type: Panel

Start date:  March 2022

End date: February 2025 (with possible extension to February 2027)

Key benefits

The key benefits of this contract include:

  • value for money
  • standard contract terms
  • vetted providers selected via an open tender process
  • consistency and variety of services.

What’s covered?

The panel offers the following areas of career management services:

  • career management coaching (packaged services/sessions)
  • resume writing and updating
  • addressing key selection criteria
  • writing cover letters
  • interview skills
  • job search strategies, including LinkedIn profiles and other networks
  • career planning and advice
  • retirement life planning
  • tool, webinars, guides and manuals
  • psychometric testing.

The suppliers offer different services which can be selected to meet an individual’s or groups specific needs and price.


Supplier service categories

Review the Career management services – supplier categories to identify which supplier can deliver the service category. 

The delivery and duration differ between suppliers. This allows buyers to select the service that is best suited to the need. 

How buyers join this contract

Request access to the confidential information system to join this contract.

How buyers use this contract

Step 1: Determine the service required

Review Career management services – supplier categories and select which supplier best suits your need based on the content, duration and cost.

Step 2: Access the confidential information section

Check the pricing for each of the services required in the confidential information system.

Step 3: Discuss with the suppliers

Contact the supplier to determine their service capability or to obtain further clarity on services.

Step 4: Select the supplier and get internal approvals

Follow local Agency procurement process to seek all necessary approvals. 

To find out more about your local agency process, contact the Agency’s procurement team. 

Step 5: Create a purchase order

Create a purchase order, using the Career management services – purchase order template.

Career management services – purchase order template
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Provide a copy of the completed purchase order to the preferred supplier and category manager.