Banking and financial services contract

This contract covers transactional banking, customer payment services and corporate purchasing cards.


This whole of Victorian Government contract covers transactional banking, customer payment services and corporate purchasing cards.

Lead agency: Department of Treasury and Finance

Conditions of use: Mandatory

Contract reference number: SS-10-2010

Arrangement type: Sole supplier

Start date: 1 October 2011

End date: 30 September 2020

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Key benefits

Key benefits of this contract are:

  • competitive rates for day to day banking services
  • access to 195 Westpac branches and Australia Post centres
  • same day value for deposits received through Australia Post before 3.45pm
  • Visa card reporting functionality and compliance management service
  • a single point of contact for contract enquiries and issues
  • continued investment in product development
  • efficient cash management facilities

What’s covered

The contract provides the following banking and financial services:

Module 1 – Transactional banking

This module includes the following services:

  • receivables
  • deposits
  • merchant services
  • Bpay
  • payables
  • cheques
  • EFT
  • payments
  • general banking
  • account and cash management
  • electronic banking

Module 2 – Customer payment services

This module includes the following services:

  • over the counter payments
  • customer internet payments
  • telephone payments
  • lockbox services

Module 3 – Corporate purchasing card

This module includes the following services:

  • Visa card services
  • support services
  • expense management system

For lost or stolen cards and emergency assistance, cardholders can contact the Corporate Card Contact Centre on 1300 650 107.

Supplier details

Westpac Banking Corporation

Address: Level 7  150 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000

Contact Name: Peter M Warner

Title: Relationship Manager

Mobile0401 053 085

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Use this contract

Rules of use for this contract apply

Anyone using this contract must follow the rules of use.

Process for corporate cards

To request a corporate card under this contract you must:

  • get approval from your agency
  • contact Westpac to ask for the process to start
  • read the terms and conditions in the contract, including the Cardholder Conditions of Use

Westpac will then:

  • create your profile for your organisation
  • send the corporate card to your administrator
  • send the PIN to them separately

Read the key contract terms and details including the pricing schedule in the contracts portal.

Corporate card security

Cardholder payments data is protected by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. This is the data security standard mandated by Visa and MasterCard.

As a user of this contract you must:

  • make sure your business complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (Westpac will tell you the level of security required)
  • complete the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards accreditation program. You must do this within 3 months of starting to use the merchant facility, or within 3 months of notification to do this
  • supply Westpac with full details of your web hosting provider, shopping cart, SSL provider and expiry date of the SSL certificate
  • supply details of all service providers you engage with for credit card payments, including their compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards

Department contract managers

Contact your Department or agency contract manager for information about this contract.

Department Department representative
VicRoads Sarmila Palaniandy, Director Management Accounting
03 9854 2080
0476 852 356
State Revenue Office

Grant Dunlop, Chief Financial Officer
03 9628 0139

Kimberley Dunbar, Team Leader, Corporate Governance & Finance
03 9628 0428

Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions Tom Ingham, Director Strategic Procurement
03 8392 6953
Department of Transport Rebecca Sargeant, Senior Procurement Specialist
03 8392 7051
Department of Education and Training Shane Lay, Manager Financial Accounting and Reporting
03 7022 2988
Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning Mick Mongan, Manager Business Operations
03 5833 5314
0409 546 426
Department of Health and Human Service

Danny Tran, Manager
03 9096 0000

Clinton Hemingway, Manager, Rent & Asset Determination, Vendor, Banking & Cash
03 9096 9841

Department of Justice and Community Safety Gaurav Makker, Manager - Cash Management & Accounts Receivable
03 8684 7317

Vasuki Sundaresan, Assistant Director, Contract Compliance and Monitoring
03 9947 1723

Department of Premier and Cabinet

Department of Treasury and Finance

Virginia Painter, Financial Operations Manager
03 7005 9382
Victoria Police

Deb Carthew, Manager Shared Services
03 9247 5086

Treasury Corporation of Victoria Peter Wyatt, Chief Financial Officer
03 9651 4881
Public Transport Victoria Daniel Grayland, Manager Finance Transactional Services
03 9027 4603

Fred Cilia, Director, Financial Operations
03 9027 4999
0411 265 165

Reviewed 24 February 2020

Buying for Victoria

Primary contact:

Felicity Roberts (Manager, Procurement and Category Management) Department of Treasury and Finance

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