Salesforce contract

This contract offers marketing, analytics, cloud, commerce and sales services.


This contract offers marketing, analytics, cloud, commerce and sales services.

Lead agency: Department of Premier and Cabinet

Conditions of use: Non-mandatory

Contract reference number: SPC 2017-20

Arrangement type: Sole supplier

Start date: 1 February 2020

End date: 31 January 2023

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Key benefits

Key benefits include:

  • value for money
  • simple process for using Salesforce cloud services
  • standard contract terms

What’s covered?

This contract covers the following services:

  • sales
  • service
  • marketing
  • community
  • analytics
  • commerce

Supplier details


ABN: 91 109 182 989
Address: 55 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Contact name: Larry Williams
Role: State Director
Mobile: 0410 344 133

How buyers join this contract

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This contract does not apply to TAFEs.

How buyers use this contract

Buyers must follow the rules of use:

Step 1. Write what you need

Create a list of:

  • any needs you have
  • the Salesforce products that match them

Step 2. Do a risk analysis

Think about the data you need to put in the Salesforce platform, and make reference to the Victorian Protective Data Security Framework. A guide for certifications is available in the contracts portal.

Step 3. Get cost estimates

Use the price list to identify the overall cost of the products you need.

Step 4. Get the necessary approvals

Follow your organisation’s internal processes to get financial approval.

Step 5. Start the procurement

When your proposal is approved, create a purchase order and send to Salesforce. When the purchase order is accepted, Salesforce will sign the purchase order and return a copy.

Reviewed 19 April 2021

Buying for Victoria

Primary contact:

Michael Kony (Category Manager - Strategic, Cyber Security & Software) Department of Premier and Cabinet

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