Google Australia contract

This contract provides access to Google Cloud and Google Workspace products.


This contract provides access to Google Cloud and Google Workspace products.

Lead agency: Department of Government Services

Conditions of use: non-mandatory

Contract reference number: DGS-ICT-01-2024

Arrangement type: Sole supplier

Start date: 6 February 2024

End date: 7 February 2027

Key benefits

Key benefits of this contract include:

  • competitive pricing and discounts
  • no exclusivity or minimum commitment
  • pay as you go option for cloud services
  • multi cloud, avoiding vendor lock in

What's covered

This contract includes the following services:

  • cloud services
  • workspace
  • engineering and analytics tools
  • enterprise support
  • professional services

Supplier details

Name: Google Australia Pty Ltd

ABN: 33 102 417 032

Address: 48 Pirrama Road, Pyrmont, NSW 2009


Contact name: Kevin Rodrigo

Title: Head of Victorian Public Sector

Mobile: 0418 166 466


How buyers join this contract

Buyers need to request access to the confidential information system to join this contract.

How buyers use this contract

Buyers must follow the rules of use:

Step 1: Review services offered

Access the confidential information system to review prices and services offered under this contract.

Step 2: Contact Google Australia

Email the Google Australia Account Representative to discuss pricing and services.

The prices shown in the contract are the maximum prices. Buyers should always consider if there is an opportunity to negotiate a lower price.

Step 3: Seek approval

When the pricing and services have been agreed, follow local Agency procurement process to seek approval.

Step 4: Complete the Agreement

Complete the Google Australia Cloud Master Agreement in the confidential information system. Check if the services selected requires additional an Addenda.

Make sure the Agency's financial delegate signs the Agreement and/or Addenda.

Step 5: Return the completed Agreement

Return the completed Agreement and/or Addenda via email to the Google Australia Account Representative.