Apply for an exemption from a state purchase contract

Where an Agency must use a goods and services state purchase contract, follow this process to apply for an exemption.

When considering the need for an exemption

How to apply for an exemption

Step 1: Engage the Lead Agency

Contact the relevant category manager to discuss the type and reason for applying for an exemption.

Step 2: Complete the exemption request form

Document all relevant information and evidence to support the request. Include Agency approvals to support the exemption request.

Goods and services state purchase contract exemption form
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Step 3: Submit the form for Lead Agency review

Send to the relevant category manager for review.

Step 4: Lead Agency evaluation process

The state purchase contract category manager will evaluate exemption applications on a case-by-case basis. The category manager may need to ask for additional information or evidence to support the application.

Step 5: Outcome of the application for exemption

The category manager will advise the Agency of the outcome of the request.

Step 6: Review of exemptions

Approved exemptions may be subject to review periodically to ensure the exemption decision is still relevant. The Lead Agency will contact the relevant Agency in the event changes to the exemption are required, or the approval has been withdrawn.