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The eServices Register is an open register. Suppliers may apply to join at any time.

There is no restriction on the number of suppliers listed in the register.

How suppliers apply to join this register

Suppliers must apply to join the eServices register.

Suppliers seeking to join the register will need to:

  • follow the steps below
  • meet all registration requirements

Every step must be completed as part of the application process.

Step 1. Register on the eProcurement platform

Suppliers needs to access eServices Supplier Registration LinkExternal Link to request an invitation to register.

Step 2. Activate supplier profile

After registering, suppliers will receive an activation email. Proceed with the registration process using the emailed activation link.

Step 3. Provide supplier documentation

Complete, sign and submit the Supplier Registration Form as a qualification document on the eProcurement platform.

Using the emailed activation link:

  • provide a valid:
    • Australian Business Number (ABN)
    • Australian Company Number (ACN)
  • other registration number, if not registered in Australia
  • include the contact details of an Australia-based primary contact person
  • include a description of the business. This description must be longer than a single line. Suppliers can copy and paste this information from the supplier's website if appropriate
  • include the URL for the supplier's business website where government buyers can read more about the supplier's business
  • attach current certificates of currency for:
    • public liability insurance (minimum threshold is $5 million AUD per occurrence)
    • professional liability/indemnity insurance (minimum threshold is $2 million AUD in aggregate)
  • include any other details required by the eProcurement platform (for example, choosing categories under the eServices Register)

Step 4. Wait for approval

The eServices Register administrator will either approve or reject the application.

How the eServices Register contracting framework operates

  1. Supplier applies for registration having familiarised itself with the minimum terms and conditions.
  2. Supplier ensures it is comfortable with the minimum terms and conditions of the Register and submits their registration request on the basis that if engaged by a purchasing agency under the Register, it will contract under:
    1. the terms and conditions of the Register, and
    2. any non-contradictory terms inserted in the Contract Variables
  3. The eServices Register administrator assesses registration requests and onboards suppliers if they meet the registration requirements.
  4. Supplier is invited to respond to a tender released by a purchasing agency under the eServices Register.
  5. Supplier responds to tender invitation.
  6. If successful, completes the Contract Variables document with the purchasing agency.
  7. Once signed, the Contract Variables document incorporates all relevant terms and conditions in the head contract.
  8. The Contract is fully established and includes the following four documents in order of precedence:
    1. the head contract terms and conditions
    2. non-contradictory terms and conditions in the Contract Variables
    3. the Request that the purchasing agency sends out to market
    4. the Response submitted by the contracted supplier.

Relevant documents

Suppliers must read the following and use them where needed.

eServices register supplier rules of use

Full list of categories available in this register.

Reviewed 05 April 2023

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