Uniforms and personal protective equipment - Suppliers

Find out the special rules that apply to the supply of uniforms and personal protective equipment for use by Victorian government employees.

Guide to procuring uniforms and personal protective equipment

The Guide to procuring uniforms and personal protective equipment requires government buyers to procure locally manufactured goods when they are available. 

The Guide covers uniforms and personal protective equipment used by government employees in: 

  • goods and services activities, such as uniforms and work-wear 
  • construction works and services, such as safety boots and hard hats 

The Guide applies to new, amended and replacement contracts. Contracts executed before 1 August 2018 can continue to operate. 

The Guide to procuring uniforms and personal protective equipment complements the Local Jobs First Victorian Industry Participation Policy. Apply both when the Local Jobs First policy applies. Special rules may apply to projects classed as Local Jobs First Strategic Projects. Suppliers to government may be required to maximise the use of uniforms of personal protective equipment made locally. 

Local content in the supply chain

The Guide to procuring uniforms and personal protective equipment applies to local manufacture. While it is desirable to maximise local content throughout the supply chain, most goods will have at least some elements imported. 

Consider local content across all supply chain functions to create and sustain local jobs. Examples of further supply chain opportunities include: 

  • research and development 
  • design 
  • samples 
  • testing 
  • specialist sourcing 
  • quality assurance 
  • embroidery and badging 
  • made-to-measure and made-to-fit 
  • warehousing and distribution 
  • online ordering 
  • disposal including recycling and destruction 
  • laundering and decontamination 
  • repairs 

Supplying these services can also have a significant benefit for local jobs. 

Procurement opportunities to support local suppliers 

Procurement activity plans for uniforms and personal protective equipment 

Procurement activity plans detail what Government organisations intend to buy during the year. 

Refer to Future procurement opportunities to access procurement activity plans for uniforms and personal protective equipment. 

Ethical Supplier Register

The Ethical Supplier Register lists suppliers of locally manufactured: 

  • corporate clothing 
  • uniforms 
  • workwear 
  • personal protective equipment 

Listing on this register assures buyers that registered suppliers comply with relevant labour laws. 

Suppliers of locally manufactured uniforms and personal protective equipment must be listed on the register to be awarded a Victorian government contract. 

Suppliers wanting to apply to join the Ethical Supplier Register can do so at any time by responding to the Invitation to Register.

Manage contracts to support local uniforms and personal protective equipment

Manage contracts to use the greatest amount of locally manufactured uniforms and personal protective equipment. 

The availability of locally manufactured uniforms and personal protective equipment will change over the life of a contract. Periodically check what local goods are available and work with your contract manager to include new locally made goods. The contract may have formal reviews of local manufacture. 

In this way new local goods and related supply chain can be used as they become available. 

Government assistance for investment and growth

Suppliers wanting to invest and create local jobs may receive help from the Government. 

The Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions has a range of initiatives to assist businesses with investment and growth. 

Tools and support

For more information about procuring uniforms and personal protective equipment, please contact the Uniform and personal protective equipment monitor