Implementing and reporting social procurement

Understand the timetable for implementing the Social Procurement Framework and requirements to measure and report on social procurement activities.

Implementation timetable for the Social Procurement Framework

The implementation of Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework will be phased in throughout 2018-19. Specific activities, roles and responsibilities will be determined through further consultation and development.

ActionBy when
Release framework along with detailed guidance and tools for buyers and suppliers to support planning and reporting by departments and agencies April-September 2018
Complete roll out of the framework across all government departments and agencies September 2018
Government departments and agencies submit first annual report against the framework July 2019

Evaluating the Social Procurement Framework by measurement and reporting

It is important that processes exist to measure the costs and benefits of social procurement to ensure value for money is achieved and substantiated. Sound measurement and reporting will enable evaluation of the framework over time, and inform future consideration as to the framework objectives and recommended approaches.

Government departments and agencies subject to the Standing Directions 2018 made under the Financial Management Act are required to report on their social procurement activities in their annual reports under this framework.

Reporting against the framework and delivery against the outcome priorities is required against individual contracts and at the department or agency level.

Table 6: Department and agency measurement for reporting


Measuring supplier performance, such as:

  • employment and training opportunities for Victorian priority jobseekers; and
  • the proportion of supplier personnel by gender and people with disability.
Department or agency

Aggregated outputs, such as:

  • the number of social enterprises, Australian Disability Enterprises and Aboriginal businesses engaged and total spend;
  • the proportion of suppliers that offer family violence leave; and
  • the proportion of suppliers with environmentally sustainable practices.

Tools and support

This content on this page is taken from Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework. Access a PDF version in the social procurement document library.

For more information about social procurement, please contact the Social Procurement team.