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Find out how to apply for a Victorian Government supplier panel or register for construction.

The Victorian Government uses centralised government contracts to buy common goods and services. These are called State Purchase Contracts (SPCs).

These contracts aim to achieve value for money through using the collective purchasing power of government, and to standardise how government buys from suppliers.

The Construction Supplier Register and VicRoads Supplier Register are lists of consultants and contractors in the building and construction industry who are pre-qualified to tender for government construction projects.

Government panels and registers can be:

  • a contract with one supplier
  • an arrangement with multiple suppliers called a panel
  • a register arrangement

Panels operate over a period of time and can be open or closed:

  • Open panels accept new suppliers at a set time or other times during the contract period.
  • Closed panels are restricted to the suppliers engaged at the start of the contract

Qualified suppliers who meet eligibility criteria can apply to join registers at any time.

Who buys from government contracts and registers

All Victorian Government Departments and some specific agencies must use State Purchase Contracts to buy common goods and services.

Other organisations like local government authorities and not for profit organisations delivering government services can also buy through these contracts.

View the list of Departments and Agencies who buy through government contracts.

All government Departments and Agencies must use the Construction Supplier Register to buy construction services from consultants and contractors.

VicRoads must use the VicRoads Supplier Register.

How to apply

New or renewing supplier panels are usually advertised on the Victorian Government tender site, the Buying for Victoria portal.

You apply following the tender process, and if successful you may be one of a panel of suppliers that buyers within an agency can choose to use.

If you're part of a supplier panel contract, you can be contracted directly to provide goods, services or works to that agency. Sometimes an agency might run a secondary selection process, and invite some or all suppliers on the panel to tender for a specific part of the work.

The following panels are open for applications:

Find out about applying to join the Construction Supplier Register

Apply for the VicRoads Supplier Register

The VicRoads Supplier Register is a list of suppliers who are prequalified to tender for a particular category and level of VicRoads work.


  • Environment
  • Pavement and geotechnical engineering
  • Maintenance and general works
  • Road and bridge construction
  • Road and bridge design
  • Traffic management services (Consultants)
  • Traffic management services (Contractors)
  • Transport and planning studies
  • Other professional services.

VicRoads also has a Register of Testing Companies for field and laboratory testing of earthworks and pavements.

To apply to join the VicRoads Supplier Register, you must meet specific criteria for the level and group and agree to certain conditions.

Download application forms, criteria and conditions of pre-qualification on the VicRoads website

Keep your prequalification up to date

When you join the register, it’s your responsibility to tell VicRoads if your details change.

Update your details on the VicRoads website.

Reviewed 29 August 2019

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