Covered entities - international agreements

The list of government entities that must comply with the additional procurement rules set by international agreements.

Agencies that must comply

The following agencies must comply with the additional procurement rules set by international agreements: 

  • All departments 
  • Commercial Passenger Vehicle Commission 
  • Commission for Children and Young People 
  • Environment Protection Authority 
  • Essential Services Commission 
  • Family Violence Protection Agency 
  • Game Management Authority 
  • Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission 
  • Infrastructure Victoria 
  • Office of Public Prosecutions 
  • Office of the Chief Commissioner of Police (Victoria Police) 
  • Office of the Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability 
  • Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner 
  • Office of the Labour Hire Licensing Authority 
  • Office of the Victorian Legal Services Commissioner 
  • Office of the Ombudsman 
  • Office of the Road Safety Camera Commissioner 
  • Office of the Victorian Inspectorate 
  • Portable Long Service Benefits Authority 
  • Transport for Victoria
  • Victorian Auditor-General’s Office 
  • Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation 
  • Victorian Electoral Commission 
  • Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission 
  • Victorian Fisheries Authority 
  • Victorian Public Sector Commission 
  • Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation 


For the entities listed for Victoria, these Agreements do not cover: 

  • the procurement of motor vehicles
  • procurement by covered entities on behalf of non-covered entities.

Tools and support

Contact your procurement governance unit if you have any questions on international agreements.