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Find out how to partner to meet social procurement requirements and who suppliers can partner with.

Partner to meet social procurement requirements

For suppliers to meet social procurement requirements, they can partner with:

  • an intermediary
  • a support service 
  • a program provider

Partners can help suppliers meet the Government’s social procurement requirements. They can: 

  • connect social benefit suppliers, mainstream suppliers and buyers
  • teach others about social procurement and working with government 
  • help prepare responses for Invitations to supply and social procurement that have a social procurement component
  • build capability for long-term social procurement planning
  • connect suppliers to job-ready job seekers
  • help develop a Social Procurement Commitment Proposal

Some organisations charge a fee for their service.

Who suppliers can partner with

These organisations can help suppliers deliver social and sustainable outcomes:

Social Traders

Social Traders link suppliers with social enterprises.

Map for Impact 

Map for Impact connects suppliers to social enterprises, advisors and industry groups across Victoria.


GROW helps suppliers plan long-term for social procurement and inclusive jobs. GROW has offices in these 5 regional areas:


BuyAbility connects suppliers with disability enterprises Australia wide.


Kinaway connects suppliers with Victorian Aboriginal businesses.

Supply Nation 

Supply Nation links suppliers with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses.

Jobs Victoria 

Jobs Victoria gives suppliers tailored support to connect them to job seekers.


JobsBank help suppliers create more jobs for Victorians.

Indigenous Business Australia

Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) helps Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to start and grow viable and sustainable businesses. 

Industry Capability Network

Industry Capability Network (ICN) Australia provides services that help small to medium enterprises to access projects in Victoria. 

Small Business Victoria

Small Business Victoria (SBV) offers a range of programs for small to medium enterprises. 


For more information about social procurement, please contact the Social Procurement team.

Reviewed 13 April 2021

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