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eProcurement platform launched for marketing services register

This new platform provides up-to-date technology to streamline and automate the procurement process. This new system replaces the MarketingOnline system.

Suppliers must apply to the Marketing services register. Supplier details held in MarketingOnline will not transfer to the eProcurement platform.

The Marketing services register is open. Suppliers can apply at any time.

Buyer training information

Buyer training information on the use of the eProcurement platform is available in the Government Buyers’ Procurement Group on the Innovation Network.

The information covers how buyers can source quotes from suppliers registered on the platform. It also answers questions relating to the functionality.

New administrative guidelines

The following administrative guidelines apply from from 1 July 2019:

These guidelines contain updated decision-making and approval requirements for labour hire and professional services use.

    How buyers join this register

    Buyers must register on the eProcurement platform to access suppliers listed on the Marketing services register (government users only).

    Apply for eProcurement platform access

    All government entities (mandated agencies, government-owned entities, local government councils and government-supported organisations) can request access to the register via the buyer registration link to the eProcurement platform.

    By registering to the eProcurement, you have agreed to the Buyer terms of use for the Marketing services register.

    How buyers use this register

    Supplier details

    The Marketing services register is an open register. A list of approved suppliers is available on the eProcurement platform.

    Buyer access to the register

    Log in as a buyer to use the register and access templates, guides and service categories (government users only).

    Log in as a buyer

    Step 1: Work out the service required

    Buyers need to establish the service required and use the service category that matches the service need.

    Step 2: Get internal approval to send a request for quotation

    Buyers will need to have internal approval before issuing a request for quotation.

    Step 3. Create a request for quotation on eProcurement platform

    Login to the eProcurement platform to create and issue a request for quotation using the marketing services register template. Buyers must not use an alternative template. The template is also available on the platform.

    The number of quotes required will depend on agency procurement policy.

    For complex or high-value services, consider requesting quotations from a wider range of service providers. More information on assessing the complexity and capability of a service is available at Complexity and capability assessment policy and guides.

    Buyers should:

    • define the scope of work
    • develop evaluation criteria to evaluate offers.

    The evaluation criteria describe how service providers will be:

    • evaluated
    • how those criteria are ranked in order of relevance

    To better evaluate value for money, the evaluation criteria should have both:

    • qualitative evaluation criteria
    • quantitative evaluation criteria

    The following policies apply to quotations made under this register:

    Ensure that the requirements of these policies are included in the request for quotation and the evaluation criteria.

    Buyers are required check the status of a supplier's insurances and request confirmation of currency if expired.

    Use a unique reference number for each request for quotation. The Agency procurement representative can provide this number.

    MSR <service category> <department> <year> <number>

    For example: MSR – Campaign planning - DTF – 2020 – 1234

    Step 4: Issue the request for quotation and choose a supplier

    Issue the request for quotation in eProcurement.

    When the quotation period closes, login to eProcurement to review the offers submitted.

    Evaluate each offer based on the evaluation criteria outlined in the request for quotation. Buyers may conduct the evaluation via eProcurement or offline.

    Select a service provider based on a value for money assessment.

    Rates listed in eProcurement are ceiling rates. Buyers should:

    • verify that quoted rates are not higher than the ceiling rate
    • negotiate lower rates

    or each engagement.

    Extract copies of the following documents from the eProcurement platform and file them in accordance with records management policies:

    • request for quotation
    • service provider questions and clarifications issued, if any
    • all offer documents received from service providers

    Step 5: Get internal approval

    Seek and obtain approval before sending a purchase order.

    Step 6: Send a purchase order

    Complete a purchase order using the Marketing services register template purchase order also available on the eProcurement platform.

    Check that the supplier's full legal name has been used in the purchase order, to ensure that a legally binding contract is formed. The legal name of a supplier may be different to the common name used by the supplier.

    The list below explains business forms and what is required within purchase orders:

    • Companies – this should be the company name appearing on the ASIC register that corresponds to an ACN (not a trading or business name corresponding only to an ABN)
    • Sole traders – this should be the entity name listed on ABN Lookup (again, not a trading or business name)
    • Partnerships – this should be the name of the partner(s) that are able to enter into agreements on behalf of the partnership, in accordance with the partnership agreement
    • Corporate or individual trustees should be named in full and not listed simply as ‘the Trustee for the Service Provider

    Seek further advice if it is not clear that the supplier has entered its legal name correctly.

    The purchase order must be signed by both the supplier and the Agency.

    Ensure that the supplier completes the confidentiality deed included in the Marketing services register agreement before work begins.

    Step 7: Disclose details of the contract

    The purchase order confirms the contract between the buyer and the supplier.

    Contracts made under the Marketing services register must be disclosedExternal Link as set out in the Contract disclosure – goods and services procurement guide.

    Disclose variations to the contract as set out in the Contract disclosure – goods and services procurement guide.

    Marketing services register agreement

    The Marketing services register purchase order refers to the following agreement. This agreement sets out the relationship between the buyer and service provider.

    Information on eProcurement use for Marketing services register is contained in the eProcurement platform frequently asked question document.

    Contact eProcurement for registration help

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